Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p108


Volume 4, Page 108

and put to d. at New Haven. His wid. m. 18 Dec. 1653, Roger Prichard
of M. wh. soon rem.

    SLOWE, THOMAS, Providence, among freem. 1655, unless the name
be Stowe.

    SMALL, BENJAMIN, Salem 1674, a sailmaker, was, perhaps, s. of John
of the same. EDWARD, Kittery 1640, was that yr. on the gr. jury, and
in 1645 had commiss. as a magistr. FRANCIS, Dover 1648, Falmouth
1658, freem. that yr. and aft. the Ind. incurs. rem. to Portsmouth, where
he was 1685, aged 65. JOHN, Salem 1643, had come, as serv. of Edmund
Batter, maltster, of Salisbury, in Co. Wilts, Apr. 1635, in the
James of London, from Southampton, arr. at Boston 3 June; perhaps
had Stephen, and Benjamin; was troubl. in 1658 for a Quaker, but
soon was permit. to go to R. I. JOHN, Braintree, rem. perhaps, to
Mendon, 1662. THOMAS, Salem 1670, may have been that inhab. of
Marblehead 1674, print. in Geneal. Reg. VII. 76, Smace, wh. seems an
impossib. name. From rec. of Pro. it seems, that he had w. Ruth,
pray. 25 Mar. 1676, for admin. and benefit of est. for s. William,
ds. Lydia, Hannah, and Ann; but one of these ch. was d. bef.
30 Nov. foll. when the Ct. gr. her petitn. See Hist. Coll. of Essex Inst.
II. 183, 4.

    SMALLEY, JAMES, Concord, freem. 1690. JOHN, Plymouth, came in
the Francis and James, 1632, with Edward Winslow, arr. from London,
at Boston, 5 June, rem. 1644 to Eastham, with first sett. there, had
Hannah, b. 14 June 1641; John 8 Sept. 1644, both at P.; Isaac and
Mary, tw. 11 Dec. 1647, apt. at Barnstable, 27 Feb. 1648; and was
liv. in 1655. Hannah m. 23 Jan. 1661, John Bangs; and Mary, wh. is
call. Small, perhaps, m. 19 Sept. 1667, John Snow.

    SMALLIDGE or SMALLEDGE, WILLIAM, Ipswich 1650, Boston 1653,
by w. Mary had Johanna, b. 15 Apr. of that yr., and Abigail, 28 May

    STUART, CHARLES, Marblehead 1668. JOHN, Hingham 1635, came
with w. and two s. from Co. Norfolk, drew his house lot there in
Sept. of this yr., was of Exeter 1642-43, prob. was f. of Richard, or
James, or Robert, or of all, or he or his s. of the same name may have
been at Edgartown 1663. James was a capt. 1668, at E. Richard has
the prefix of resp. 30 Nov. 1677, when he, with serj. ROBERT, and
Robert junr. all sw. alleg. at Exeter. The younger Robert had m.
25 Sept. 1674, acc. the County rec. as print. in Geneal. Reg. VIII.
224, but the bride's name must be erron. since it was never heard in
N. E.

    SMEAD, SMEED or SMED, RICHARD, Windsor 1672, of wh. no more
is kn. SAMUEL, Deerfield, s. of William, had w. and two ch. k. by Fr.