Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p109


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Volume 4, Page 109

and Ind. when the town was destroy. 29 Feb. 1704. WILLIAM, Dorchester,
prob. one of the ch. b. in Eng. of wid. Judith Smead, sis. of Israel
, wh. had join. the ch. a. 1636, and on whose est. he was
appoint. 1639, to admin. acc. her will, for the good of them, was tak.
to be brot. up by John Pope, wh. in his will, call. him little boy, gave
his looms and tackling of them, to the val. of £3. provid. he would live
with his w. aft. his time was out, and willing to learn his trade. This
was in 1646. he m. 31 Dec. 1658, Elizabeth d. of Thomas Lawrence, and
was freem. 1680, at Northampton, whither he rem. a. 1660, had William;
Elizabeth b. 20 May 1663; Judith, 18 Feb. 1665; Mehitable, 2 Jan.
1667; Samuel, 27 May 1669; John, 27 Aug. 1671, d. soon; John,
again, 1673; Ebenezer, bapt. 9 May 1675; Thankful, 13 May 1677;
and Wditstill, a d. b. 15 Mar. 1679. He rem. a. 1684 to Deerfield, and
there d. but the time is not kn. His wid. with sev. of the same name,
ch. or gr. ch. were slain by the French and Ind. 29 Feb. 1704. The
first ch. William, b. prob. at D. was k. 18 Sept. 1675, with the flower of
Essex under Capt. Lothrop at Bloody Brook; but Samuel, John, and
Ebenezer had fams. at D. and the name has been well perpet.

Rec. gives it, Concord 1639, freem. 1644, had Samuel, b. 1646; Mary;
and James; and d. 16 Aug. 1675 in 68th yr. His d. Mary m. 10 Dec.
1667, Isaac Shepard; Samuel was k. 2 Aug. 1675, at Quaboag, by Ind
in ambush, when Capt. Hutchinson was treacherously surpris. as our his
tory tells. JOHN, Concord, br. prob. elder, of the preced. freem. 1644,
had John, and perhaps other ch. was rep. 1667 and 70, and senior
selectman 1680. JOHN, Concord, s. of the preced. m. 1669, Sarah, d.
of Thomas Wheeler, and was freem. in 1677. SAMUEL, Fairfield 1690,
may have been s. of the first John.

    SMIKING, VINCENT, is among emigr. a. 1641 from Wethersfield to
Stamford, but nothing else is kn. to me.

    SMITH, ABIEZER, possib. Charlestown, print. Abzar, by Frothingham,
181, in his list of the freem. 1677, but I feel doubt of the character, and
think it refers only to those call. to take the o. of alleg., for Paige's list of
freem. has not that name, nor any like it, a. that yr., and beside the ch.
rec. contains no evid. of adm. of such an one. Prob. it stands for Abraham.
ABRAHAM, Watertown 1660, was aft. of Charlestown, and join.
the ch. 6 Jan. 1667, as did his w. Martha, 3 Apr. 1670, there had bapt.
John, 19 May 1667; and Mary, 9 Aug. 1668; but he certain. was a
householder in C. 1658, and may have soon aft. been at Salem bef. W.
freem. 1670; yet it may be there were two of this name at the same
hour in C. for the list of freem. sw. 1671 repeats it, tho. he may have
renew. the solemnity, or one of the two may have been of Roxbury,