Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p82

Volume 3, Page 82

    LEVER or LEVAR, RICHARD, a soldier, from the E. under capt.
Turner, at Hadley 1676.

    LEVERETT, HUDSON, Boston, s. of Gov. John, m. 1661, Sarah, d. of
Bezaleel Payton, had John, b. 25 Aug. 1662, H. C. 1680; Bezaleel, 1
Sept. 1664, d. young; Sarah, 6 June 1667, d. young; all bapt. 8 May
1670, in right of the mo.; and Thomas,.bapt. 7 June 1674; was of ar.
co. 1658, but never adm. a freem. His w. d. 7 June 1679, and in a yr.
or two he had w. Elizabeth wh. outliv. him, but had no ch.[1] and d. at Roxbury
16 Dec. 1714. He d. in summer of 1694[2]; and Hutch. I. 323, in note
indicates his character. But his first w. undoubted. was a woman of
great worth, form. the heart and mind of her admira. eldest ch. the
eighth presid. of H. C. (in wh. off. he d. 3 May 1724), wh. had been
active in civ. life, as speaker of the Ho. and one of the Judges of the
Sup. Ct., aft. long preparat. as student in divinity, and a teacher in the
coll. For him, and his able classm. Rev. William Brattle. the degr. of
B. D. was introd. 1692 for the first and last time, in conjunct. with the
first S.T.D. then bestow. on Increase Mather, the head of the Inst.
Great was the reput. of the Coll. dur. his presid. care; but he expend.
his private fortune for its good; and from an inadequate salary irregul.
paid, left his childr. in poverty. Cotton M. wh. ought to have been
chos. (as he confident. deem. the will of heaven), instead of L. yet
express. gratitude for his attent. to his s. the gr. of 1723; but in a letter
to Hollis, soon aft. the Presid. d. next yr. stigmatiz. him, as "an infamous
drone." For the effect of the preposterous falsehood on the London
friend of the Coll. see Hollis's note in the invalua. Hist. of the Univ. I.
343; and we kn. that the number of students, was more than double in
the last seven or ten yrs. of the rule of Leverett to what the same
period of Increase Mather exhibits. Allowance should be made, however,
for such failing in Cotton Mather's expression of his pious malignity,
bec. the next Presid. of Harv. aft. I. Mather, and the six yrs. of
Willard's substitu. was this same Leverett, wh. stood two yrs. younger
in the Coll. Catal. than the ambitious and ambiguous author of the
Magnalia. Tenderness was shown by Rev. Dr. Colman, the correspond.
of Hollis, wh. preach. a fun. sermon two days aft. the d. of M. for he
kind. kept back the knowl. of the posthum attack on his friend L.
Indeed the charge was so absurd, and the reputa. of its inventor for
studied looseness of language, had so long been establish. that Colman
would, on such an occasion, have been thot. blameworthy for point. out
the darkness of the ingratitude, and the equally loathsome and ludicrous
cowardice of the calumny. JOHN, Boston, s. of Thomas, the rul.
Elder, b. in Eng. (no doubt, at Boston) 1616, brot. prob. 1633, by his
at the same time with Cotton, Gov. Haynes, and other men of emin.