Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p393


Volume 3, Page 393

Feb. 1723, unless the fam. report of 16 Mar. he more trustworthy, Mary,
d. of Grove Hirst, gr.d. of Ch. Just. Sewall, had Elizabeth b. 29 Dec. 1723;
Andrew, 4 Jan. 1726; William, 26 May 1729, d. in few mos.; and Margery,
4 Sept. 1732, d. soon. The revo. of 1775 was not honor. by confiscat.
of his prop. nor am I aware of the amount of the patriotic plunder,
or the benefit enjoy. by partakers. Like most of the other adher. of the
crown from N. E. of wh. the number was not large, he showed a gr. affection
for the land of his birth,and bestow. attent. when in his power, on
prisoners wh. fought against his cause, and in later yrs. on travellers from
the home of his love.

    PEPYS, RICHARD, Boston 1642, or earlier, took the est. that was of
William Blaxton, by purch. and desir. to buy more,as in the rec. I find,
that the Selectmen, 27 Feb. 1643, appoint. Colbron and Eliot, a comtee.
"to view a parcel of land toward Mr. Blaxton's beach, wh. Richard Peapes
desires to purchase of the town, whether it may be conveniently sold
unto him." Of him I kn. no more; but prob. he was from Cottenham in
Cambridgesh. for the pronunciat. we see, in one syllab. as also his own
spell. of the name, both quite rare, are the same as that of the late Lord
Cottenham, the Chancellor of Great Britain, and of Samuel Pepys. F.
R. S. the Diarymaker, of whose m. the certif. pub. by Lord Braybrook,
spells the name Peps, acc. the common pronuniciat.

PURSUALL, JAMES, Sandwich, had Elizabeth b. 10 Sept. 1675. JAMES,
Haddam, possib. s. of the preced. had John, b. 17 Oct. 1706; and Timothy
(by w. Abigail), 2 Oct. 1712. JOHN, Barnstable, had Elizabeth b. 22
Feb. 1704; and James, 5 Dec. 1711. Perhaps he was br. of the preced.

    PERCY, PEERCE, PIERCY or PERCIE, JOHN, Gloucester, m. 17 July
1673, Jane, wid. of Philip Stanwood. MARMADUKE, Salem, 1637, came
the yr. bef. from Sandwich, Co. Kent, a tailor, with w. Mary, and one
serv. ROBERT, New London, bought a ho. 1678, says caulkins, and
sold it next yr.

    PERHAM, PERRUM or PERAM, ABRAHAM, Rehoboth, had Sarah and
Rebecca, tw. b. 11 oct. 1679, and the latter d. in 3 ds. JOHN, Rehoboth
1643, suppose by Farmer to be an early sett. at Chelmsford,but the
contin, resid. of him and descent. at R. as shown by Baylies, II. 199,
203, 8, 16 and Iv. 85, satisfy me of the contra. He had Noah, b. 24
Dec. 1679. JOHN, Chelmsford 1666, frem. 1690. In the same yr.
JOHN of Roxbury appears in the list of rem. but I suspect an error of
the rec. as the name is not found in R. near that time. Possib. John
Perry May have been ment.

    PERIGO, EZEKIEL,Saybrook, prob. s. of Robert,said to be b. 22
June 1658, went as a soldier to Northampton 1707, and that yr. m.