Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p166


Volume 3, Page 166

of dism. from our ch. 5 July 1646, to ch. at Dover, Eng. THOMAS,
Windsor, where it is writ. Maskell, m. 10 May 1660, Bethia Parsons
(his claim to her seem. to me better than Thomas Haskell's or Thomas
Marshall's, yet see Stiles, 698 and 735), had Bethia, b. 6 Mar. 1661;
Thomas, 19 Mar. 1662, d. soon; Abigail, 17 Nov. 1663; Thomas,
again, 2 Jan. 1666; John, 19 Nov. 1667; Elizabeth 19 Oct. 1669; and he
d. 1671. His wid. m. 8 Aug. 1672, John Williams. Hinman, 52, 53
and 153 means one only.

    MASON, ARTHUR, Boston, m. 5 July 1655, Joanna, d. of Nicholas
, had Ann, b. 10 Aug. 1656, d. at 1 yr.; Mary; Abigail; David,
24 Oct. 1661; Joanna, 26 Mar. 1664; Arthur, 16 Apr. 1666, d. soon;
Alice, 26 June 1668; Arthur, again, 18, bapt. 31 Jan. 1674; Jonathan,
bapt. 23 Apr. 1676, d. at Dorchester, 9 Mar. 1723; and Lucy, or, as
rec. of bapt. is Lois, 11 Aug. 1678. It is somewhere said, that he came
1639, and I will not controvert it; but he was only 77 at his d. 4 Mar.
1708. The w. had d. 2 Jan. 1708. He was a constable, and well
dispos. to magnify his office, for amusing proof of which see Hutch. I.
254; wrote his name with ss. Mary m. Nov. 1678, Rev. John Norton
of Hingham; Joanna m. a Perry; Alice m. Samuel Shepard; his s.
Arthur, wh. was a mariner, m. 26 June 1701, Mary, d. of Sampson
Stoddard, wh. d. 19 Sept. 1746. DANIEL, Watertown, youngest s. of
Hugh of the same, stud. for a profess. and went as surg. of a vessel
from Charlestown, of wh. James Ellson of that town was master, in
1678 or 9, was captur. as tradit. tells, by an Algerine corsair, and prob.
d. in Barbary. DANIEL, Stonington 1673, s. of major John, rem. that
yr. to New London or Norwich, m. Margaret, d. of Edward Dennison,
for wh. he obt. liberty to come to Roxbury to her relations in the early
spring of 1676, and for this yr. to dwell there, his s. Daniel, b. 26 Nov.
1674, was bapt. at R. 9 Apr. in that yr. and aft. her ret. prob. she d. and
he at Hingham, m. 10 Oct. 1679, Rebecca, d. of Rev. Peter Hobart. He
was that yr. sch.master at Norwich, rem. thence to Lebanon, and finally to
Stonington, there d. 1736. By a sec. w. he had Hezekiah, 3 May 1677, tho.
the copious and exact. fam. geneal. could not furnish the name, either bapt.
or surname; yet the deficiency is well suppl. by the last, --- Peter, 9 Nov.
1680; Rebecca, 10 Feb. 1682; Margaret, 21 Dec. 1683; Samuel, 11 Feb.
1686; Abigail, 3 Feb. 1689; Priscilla, 17 Sept. 1691; and Nehemiah, 24
Nov. 1693; all at S. His w. d. 8 Apr. 1727. See Geneal. Reg. XV. 119.
EDMUND, Watertown, a propr. 1642. EDWARD, one of the early sett. at
Wethersfield, of wh. no more is kn. exc. that in 1640, aft. d. his inv. of a good
est. is found in the rec. but no fam. is heard of. ELIAS, Salem, had there bapt.
Sarah, and Mary, 23 May 1647; Hannah, 14 Jan. 1649; Martha, 18 May 1651;
and Elias, 29 May 1653. His w. Jane d. 9 Nov. 1661, and his will of 1 May
1684, pro. 13 June 1688, ment. w. Elizabeth and no ch. but Sarah, w. of John
Robinson, with John; and Mary, w. of George Cox, with George.
Emma, a wid. of Eastwell, Co. Kent, who came in the Hercules, 1635,
and had gr. of ld. 1637, at Salem, may have been his mo. tho. no ch. in
the ship's list of passeng. is giv. HENRY, Scituate 1643, perhaps rem.
to Dorchester, and may be the freem. of 1650, aft. 1656 a brewer in
Boston, wh. d. 1676, and in his will of 6 Oct. of that yr. pro. next mo.