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Volume 3, Page 115

and Obadiah, 4 Aug. 1705. Ten of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at
the N. E. coll. chief. at Yale.

    LOPER, JAMES, Nantucket 1672, was the first person, says Macy's
Hist. 28, that undertook the catching of whales there. See large extr.
in Geneal. Reg. XIII. 311. But Felt, 11. 223, says, that his petitn. in
1688, for a patent for making the oil, asserts that he had been engaged
22 yrs.

    LORD, JOHN, Hingham 1637, may be the man wh. a. at Watertown,
28 Apr. 1669, as Bond says. JOHN, Kittery, was of the gr. jury 1651.
JOHN, Hartford, s. of Thomas, b. in Eng. had first w. Rebecca, d. of
Francis Bushnell of Guilford, wh. d. bef. 1647, and he m. 15 May 1648,
Adrian Bayc, the surname prob. being (with profuse expense) Baysey;
but he soon abandon. her, and in Sept. 1651, an order of the Court for
secur. her apparel and a bed is found in Trumbull, Col. Rec. I. 224.
He had fled in debt to Virginia, and there wrote a letter to his creditor's
neph. Richard, Feb. 1664, wh. is print. by Porter, p. 11, that serves to
show him little changed; and he was nam. in his mo.'s will, 1670. JOHN,
Watertown, d. 23 Apr. 1669. NATHAN, or NATHANIEL, Kittery,
freem. 1652. In some rec. the name is Lawd. Farmer thot. him f. of
that; capt. Samuel, the ancest. of sev. fam. of this name in the parts
adjacent, of wh. one descend. is Rev. Nathan, Presid. of Dart. Coll.
He m. 22 Nov. 1678, Martha, d. of the first Richard Tozer, had Martha,
b. 14 Oct. foll.; Nathan, 13 May 1681; William, 20 Mar. 1683; Richard,
1 Mar. 1685; Judith, 29 Mar. 1687; Samuel, 14 June 1689; Mary, 29
July 1691; John, 18 Jan. 1693; Sarah, 28 Mar. 1696; Ann, 27 May
1697; and Abraham, 29 Oct. 1699. RICHARD, Cambridge 1632,
s. of Thomas, who, perhaps, had sent him to look out the most
desirable place for his friends, Gov. Haynes and Rev. Thomas
, was freem. 4 Mar. 1635, but next yr. rem. with Hooker
and his f. to Hartford, and Gov. Haynes soon foll. He was an
orig. propr. and one of the earliest sett. capt. of the first troop in the
Col. rep. 1657 to 61, and is nam. in the Union chart. of 1662, but bef. at
was brot. over, d. at New London, 17 May 1662, in 51st yr. if the fig.
well decyph. from the honorab. inscript. on a crumbling sandstone monu.
See Caulkins's Hist. of New London. Porter says he d. 17 May 1662,
but he says also, he was rep. to his d. and the latest yr. of his serv. as
61; and Goodwin makes his d. 10 May 1662, only 3 week diff. from
Caulkins. His wid. was Sarah; the ch. Richard, b. 1636; Sarah, 1638;
and Dorothy. He was the capt. relied on, in conjunct. with John
Pyncheon, for secur. the persons of the regicides, Goffe and Whalley,
that they might be brot. to justice in Eng. as Sir Thomas Temple wrote
Secr. Morrice. His loyalty in this went beyond his judgment. See
ss. Hist. Coll. VIII. 326. Sarah m. Joseph Haynes. * RICHARD,
Hartford, s. of the preced. m. 15 Apr. 1665, Mary, d. of Henry Smith of
Springfield, had only Richard, b. 1 Feb. 1670, was rep. 1669, and oft. aft.;
but was lost at sea Nov. 1685. His wid. in 1686 m. Dr. Thomas Hooker,
and d. 17 May 1702. He left large est. and his s. m. 14 Jan. 1692, Abigail,
d. as was said, of John Warren, and had ten ch. But great reach of