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Volume 2, Page 437

ws. of Newbury, perhaps had Mary, b. 5 Mar. 1687, and d. 5 Aug. 1700, "aged
above 80," says Coffin, leav. ten ch. whose names are untold, exc. Bethia,
said to have m. 9 Jan. 1677, John Tucke of H. MAURICE, or MORRIS, Hampton,
call. jr. when he took o. of fidel. 25 Apr. 1678, was prob. s. of the preced.
as, also, NEHEMIAH, of the same town, swear. at the same time. Maurice, by w.
Joanna had James, b. 20 Mar. 1700; Sarah, 31 Oct. 1703; Abigail, 20 Dec. 1707;
Joanna, 26 May 1711; Morris, 6 Aug. 1717; and Deborah, 6 July 1720. RICHARD,
Newbury, drown. 18 Aug. 1665. THOMAS, Topsfield, freem. 1671, may be the same
wh. d. at Boston 1690. He was, prob. f. of that soldier k. 18 Sept. 1675, of
the flower of Essex, in one acco. call. John, as bef. ment. and in Rev. Mr.
Russell's letter, in Coffin's Newbury, p. 390, nam. Thomas. WILLIAM,
Topsfield, with w. Deliverance, and d. Abigail, in Apr. 1692, arrest. for
witchcr. among the earliest, and their cases are not the least remarka. of that
period of horrible delus. The trepidat. of the d. made her sw. to any falsehood
against her f. and the w. plead guilty to any nonsense the Hon. Ct. would suggest
to her. So she sav. her life from that peril, but allow. the devil to seduce her to
infernal revenge by accus. the mo. of the constab. wh. arrest. her for the same
horrid or preposterous offence. See Essex Inst. II. 133. Five of this name had,
in 1831, been gr. at Harv. and two at the other N. E. coll.

    HOBBY, || CHARLES, Boston, s. of William, fortunate in being knighted for his
brave conduct at the earthq. 1692 in Jamaica, or else the consid. ment. in Hutch.
II. 153, ar. co. and its capt. 1702 and 3, col. I believe, of the Boston reg.
but most kn. here as not one of such life as "should have recommend. him to
the clerg. of N. E." yet sent over to London with letters from "some of the
most pious min." to our agent, Sir William Ashurst, a true puritan, strongly
urg. "that he might be appoint. the Gov. instead of Dudley." Hutch. does not
say, that his connex. the two Mathers, were writers of those letters, of wh.
there can be no doubt, but he adds, that "Ashurst hims. after his acquaint.
with H. reproves and censures them." Luckily for our country, Sir Charles did
not prevail, came back, perhaps, and d. 1715, but not in B. His est. was
insolv. and he left w. wh. was bur. 17 Nov. 1716, but no ch. Of his inv. 23
Apr. 1716 "deeds for half the Province of N. H." is one of the latest items,
but, as if in derision, put down at nothing. Seven slaves arc at the head,
whose aggregate is �300. JOHN, perhaps of Dorchester, but only transient.
Winthrop II. 348. In July 1637 he was imprison. for theft, but break. prison in
comp. with John Williams, commit. for sim. offence, on their esc. was murd.
beyond Salem, by the same W. for wh W. was hanged. See Col. Rec. I. 202.
Winthrop I. 241, wrote the name, as I read it, in this place, Hoddy, but I doubt
not it is the same man. Felt, Eccles. Hist. I. 313. JOHN, Greenwich bef. 1666,
may have been earlier of Newtown, L. I. He d. 1707, had four s. and six ds. of
wh. all but John, wh. d. without issue, 12 Mar. 1693, are ment. in his will;
Thomas, Benjamin, Jonathan, Elizabeth Prindle, Hannah Burnham, Martha Morehouse,
Rebecca Hardy, Mary Holmes, and Rachel James. Rebecca was d. but left childr.
JOHN, Boston, br. of Sir Charles, d. 7 Sept. 1711, aged a. 50; his w. Hannah
had d. 26 June 1690, a. 27.