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Volume 2, Page 436

b. 2 Dec. 1656, d. at 30 yrs.; Aaron, 1661; and Nathaniel, 1665. But perhaps
the last six childr. were by a differ. w. from the mo. of the first; and we
may inq. for their mo. without gain. satisfact. Hannah m. July 1677, John
Record of Weymouth; and Aaron was drown. Mar. 1705 sailing towards Boston.
I find Thomas, prob. a gr.s. of Thomas, apprent. in 1670 at Boston, to learn the
trade of a cooper. In the Genealogy of Thayer, eight pages are filled with descend.
of Edmund, and not half are given. Ten of this name had, in 1834, been gr. at Harv.
and six at other N. E. coll. of wh. eight were clerg. and two, John Sloss, and Aaron,
were memb. of Congr.

    HOBBS, CHRISTOPHER, Saco 1652, freem. 1653, appoint. admor. 1654 on est.
of his br.-in-law William Foster, and d. 1673. His will of 26 Nov. in that yr.
gives to ch. Christopher, Robert, and Jane, but provides that s. John, wh. had
not "come over," should have something, if he did. HENRY, Dover 1657, m. a d.
of Thomas Canney. JAMES, Hampton, perhaps s. of Maurice, took o. of fidel. 25
Apr. 1678, and d. 22 Sept. 1679. JOHN, Hampton, m. 30 Dec. 1668, Sarah,
d. of Edward Colcord; sw. fidel. Dec. 1678. Prob. he was s. of the first Maurice.
JOHN, a soldier in Lothrop's comp. of the flower of Essex, was k. by the Ind.
18 Sept. 1675 at Bloody brook. JOSIAH, came to Boston in the Arabella,
1671, a passeng. from London, liv. at Woburn, by w. Mary had Josiah, b.
6 Aug 1685; Mary, 16 Mar. 1687; Susanna, 24 Nov. 1688; but the fam.
tradit. in Geneal. Reg. IX. 255, makes the eldest s. Josiah, b. in Boston
1684, and the f. there to have liv. first eighteen yrs. after coming. In 1690,
says the geneal. he rem. to Lexington, then call. Cambridge Farms, and with w.
join. the ch. there Aug 1699, had Josiah, Tabitha, and Mary, bapt. 17
Sept. 1699; Matthew, and Susanna, Oct. 1700; Ebenezer, 8 Jan. 1710; and
Tabitha, again, 13 Apr. 1712; and he d. 30 May 1741, aged 92 yrs. JOSIAH,
Boston, s. of the preced. m. 1708, Esther, d. of Ebenezer Davenport, had
Ebenezer, b. 1709; Tabitha, 10 July 1715; Josiah, and John, tw. 1721, on
Governor's isl. it is said, in the traditionary tale; Esther, 22 Oct. 1722;
Sarah, bapt. 10 May 1724, in right of her mo. who had 12 Apr. preced. unit
with Mather's ch. (the Old North, not New North, as Geneal. Reg. IX. 255,
reads); Dorcas, 8 May 1726; Hannah, 5 Jan. 1729, tho. the fam. geneal. makes
the b. 20 days later than the bapt. and tells that at Mather's ch. "all his
ch. but one, were" bapt. when only three of the nine enjoy. that rite in that
place. He rem. to Weston 1730, there had Nathan, b. next yr. He d. 27 Feb.
1779, aged near 94 yrs. and his wid. d. the preced. 29 Nov. if the acco. be correct. MAURICE, Newbury,
rem. to Hampton betw. 1640 and 5, there m. 1678, Sarah,
d. of Benjamin Swett, as sec. w. the first being, Sarah, d. of William Eastow, both