Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p310

Volume 2, Page 310

Timothy Prout. His ch. were William, b. 12 Apr. 1656; William, again, 5 Sept.
1658; Israel, 27 July 1660; Samuel, 3 Mar. 1662, d soon; Dorothy, 16 Mar.
1663; Elizabeth 30 Nov. 1664; Ann, 21 Feb. 1669; Joseph, 22 Jan. 1672; Mercy, 16
Feb. 1673; Sarah, bapt. 4 July 1675; Sarah, again, 7 May 1676; all d. young
exc. Elizabeth wh. m. William Roby, and Mercy, wh. m. 9 June 1692, Henry Gibbs,
and d. 24 Jan. 1716. WILLIAM, Boston, shipwright, cous. of the preced. b. in
Eng. freem. 1673, m. 10 Oct. 1660, Ruth, d. of Thomas Swift of Dorchester,
had four s. and three ds. Mary, b. 28 Nov. 1662 ; Ann, 23 May 1665; Luke,
10 Feb. 1668; William, 20 Feb. 1671; John, 17 Feb. 1673; Samuel, 31 Aug. 1676;
and Consider, 17 Mar. 1678. He m. sec. w. Eliz. d. of Elder Edward
Rainsford, had Newman, 2 Apr. 1681; Edward, call. William on town reg. 8
July 1684; Eliz. 8 June 1686; and Ann, 5 May 1688. This w. d. 23 May 1688;
and he m. 29 Nov. foll. Sarah Shove of Chelmsford, and d. 6 Aug. 1693, aged
52. Mary m. William Stone, and she is only d. of his five nam. in the will of
1 Aug. 1693, of wh. William and John were excors. WILLIAM, Boston, s. of the
preced. m. July 1696, Elizabeth d. of Rev. Increase Mather, and thus furnish.
the opportun. for that pleasant relation in the Magn. VI. 87, of the piety
of the ch. Ann, sis. of this third William, who d. at 5 yrs. old. He prob.
had no ch. and his wid. m. 6 Oct. 1703, Josiah Byles. Four of this name had
been gr. 1828 at Harv. and four at other N. E. coll.

Scarborough 1658, Salem 1668, d. July 1674. Compare Willis, I. 64, with Genealog.
Reg. V. 264, and IX. 85.

    GREENSMITH, NATHANIEL, Hartford, was, prob. h. of the woman
there execut. for a witch, in 1662, supplying the first examp. of the dire
delusion in c. vii. of Mather's Magn. VI. 67. *STEPHEN, Boston 1636, ar.
co. 1638, was more than once prosecut. for freedom of speech. Winthrop I.
214. THOMAS, Hartford 1660. Hinman, 138.

Saco 1636. Folsom, 36, JOHN, Dorchester, came, prob. in the Mary
and John 1630, req. 19 Oct. to be freem. and 18 May foll. was adm. a
millwright of much esteem, brot. ch. perhaps one or more already m. in
Eng. Ann, who was w. of Robert Pierce, outliv. him almost 31 yrs. and a. 31
Dec. 1695, says Blake's Ann. and the gr.stone a. 104 yrs. so perhaps the
oldest tenant of that mansion; Ursula, w. of Hugh Batten, and she came
1635, aged 32, with her maiden name, as comp. to her sis. Mary who was w.
of Thomas Millet, and passengers in the Elizabeth; and Catharine, w. of
William Daniel; had div. of ld. 1652; was then old; and his w. Mary d. 23 Jan.
1659. OLIVER, Saco 1636. Sullivan, 219. RICHARD, Salem 1637. Felt.