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Volume 2, Page 177

Elizabeth and d. 1661 or 2. The wid. m. 1662, John Briggs; the s. John d.
says Winsor, at Sandwich, the same yr. with his f. and Joshua was k.
at Rehoboth fight under Capt. Pierce, 1676. A descend. Rev. Perez, H.
C. 1762, was disting. WILLIAM, Duxbury, s. of the preced. m. Elizabeth d.
of Constant Southworth, rem. to Little Compton. Confusion of this name
with Forbes has been common; it was also writ. Vobes.

    FOGG, DANIEL, Berwick, s. of Samuel, had, I think, a fam. but kn. not
details. He d. 1755. DAVID, Salem, prob. s. of Ralph, by w. Susanna had
Susanna, b. 18 Apr. 1676. JAMES, Gloucester 1649-51. || RALPH, Plymouth 1633,
rem. to Salem, freem. 3 Sept. 1634, by w. Susanna had Ezekiel, bapt. 1 Apr. 1638; and
David, 15 Mar. 1640; ar. co. 1644; was town treasr. 1637, and for some yrs.
engaged in munic. affairs; but in 1652 his req. to keep an office of
intellig. or exch. being refused, he soon went home, was a liveryman
of London of the Skinners Co. and d. 1674. He had, also, John, a
merch. of Barnstaple in Devon, but I kn. not whether b. in Eng. or
here. SAMUEL, Hampton, m. 23 June 1659, Sarah d. of Richard Carrier,
had Daniel, b. 10 June 1660; Seth, wh. was f. of Rev. Jeremiah, H. C.
1730, and d. 16 Apr. 1672.

    FOKAR, JOHN, a husbandman, came in the Increase 1635, aged 21,
but more is unkn.

    FOLGER, * ELEAZUR, Nantucket, s. of Peter, prob. eldest, m. a.
1671, Sarah Gardner, had Eleazur, b. 2 July 1672; Peter, 28 Aug. 1674;
Sarah, 24 Aug. 1676; Nathan, 1678; and Mary, 14 Feb. 1684; was a blacksmith,
and rep. d. at Boston 1716; and his wid. d. 19 Oct. 1729. JOHN, Watertown,
had gr. of house lot of six acres, but rem. to Edgartown. He came from Norwich,
Co. Norf. 1635, Coffin says, in the same ship with Rev. Hugh Peter, with
s. Peter (b. as tradit. says, in 1618), and that his w. was Meribah
Gibbs. She outliv. by three yrs. at least this h. wh. d. a. 1660.
JOHN, Nantucket, s. of Peter, m. Mary, d. of Nathaniel Barnard.
PETER, Nantucket, s. of the first John, went early from Watertown,
prob. with Thomas Mayhew, to the Vineyard, m. Mary Morrill, bestow.
great pains in teach. the Ind. as successor to Mayhew, and rem. a.
1663, to the isl. where his name has ever since been in high regard,
had Eleazur, b. a 1648; and John, a. 1659, beside seven ds. Joanna wh.
m. John Coleman; Bethia, wh. m. 25 Feb. 1669, John Barnard, and with
him was drown. 6 June foll. when her younger br. Eleazur was saved;
Dorcas, wh. m. Joseph Pratt; Bathshua, wh. m. Joseph Pope of Salem
vill.; Patience, wh. m. Ebenezer Harker, and next, James Gardner;
Experience, wh. m. John Swain, jr. He d. 1690, and his wid. Mary d.
1704. His youngest ch. Abiah, b. 15 Aug. 1667, m. Josiah Franklin as
his sec. w. and was mo. of the celebr. Benjamin, wh. in his geneal.
inq. was led to infer that the fam. was Flemish, and came to Eng. in
the days of Elizabeth Some verses by him, occasion. by Philip's war, under
the whimsic. title of Looking-Glass for the Times,