Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p178


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Volume 2, Page 178

print. after ninety yrs. circulat. in MS. are sought for sometimes,
less for poetical value, than bibliogr. curiosity.

    FOLLANSBEE, THOMAS, Portsmouth, rem. a. 1667 to Newbury, prob.
bring. w. Sarah, and perhaps ch. Rebecca, and Thomas, had Francis, b.
22 Oct. 1677, and Hannah, 10 Apr. 1680. Sarah, prob. his w. d. 6 Nov.
1683. Rebecca m. 22 Nov. 1677, Thomas Chase. THOMAS, Newbury, perhaps
s. of the preced. by w. Abigail, had Mary, b. 4 Apr. 1695; Thomas, 28
Mar. 1697; Francis, 13 June 1699; and William, 14 Mar. 1701.

    FOLLEN, ABRAHAM, Casco 1658.

    FOLLET, JOHN, Dover 1640. NICHOLAS, Dover, s. of William, had
w. Hannah and s. Nicholas, b. 5 Nov. 1677, and Sarah; was a deputy to
convent. 1689, on overthrow of Andros. Belkn. I. 122. His wid. m.
Richard Nason. PHILIP, Dover 1671-5. ROBERT, Salem, m. 29 Nov. 1655,
Persis Black, had Mary, b. 16 Mar. 1657; Robert, 20 Sept. 1659; Susanna, 1
June 1662; Hannah, 23 Dec. 1664; Ruth, 17 Dec. 1667, d. 21 May foll.; John,
10 July 1669; Abraham, 23 Dec. 1672; Isaac, and Rebecca, tw. 30 July 1674.
WILLIAM, Dover 1651, m. 20 July 1672, prob. as sec. w. Elizabeth wid. of
William Drew.

    FOLSOM, ADAM, Hingham, perhaps elder br. of the first John,
came, in 1639, from Hingham, near Norwich, Eng. Lincoln, Hist. 45. He
went home, and d. a. 1670. EPHRAIM, Exeter, s. of John the first, was
k. by the Ind. 11 June 1709. Pike's Journ. * JOHN, Hingham, b. 1617,
came, in the Diligent of Ipswich 1638, with w. and two serv. He was
from old Hingham, Co. Norf. s. of Adam, wh. d. 1627; but, no doubt,
derives the name from the town of Foulsham, or Folsham, as Domesday
book has it, a. 20 miles north of H. He had m. 4 Oct. 1636, Mary, d.
of Edward Gilman of old H. and had here bapt. Samuel, 1641; John;
Nathaniel, 1644; Israel, 1646; Peter, 1649; Mary, 1651; and Ephraim,
28 Feb. 1655; was rep. 1654; sold his est. in July 1659 at H. and Cohasset,
and rem. to Exeter. His d. Mary m. 12 June 1672, George March of
Newbury; but in 1680, this aged f. with the four s. were all inhab. of
E. of wh. he was constable, and d. 27 Dec. 1681. JOHN, Exeter, s. of
the preced. m. 10 Nov. 1675, Abigail Perkins, d. of Abraham the first
of Hampton, had Mercy; was deac. and had s. of wh. Gen. Nathaniel, of
the continent. Congr. 1774, was a descend. NATHANIEL, Rehoboth 1676,
m. 9 June 1674, or 17 Mar. 1688, Hannah, d. of John Farrow. NATHANIEL,
Exeter, s. of John, took o. of alleg. 1677. PETER, Exeter, br. of the
preced. m. 6 May 1678, Susanna Cousins of Wells, had Elizabeth Susanna,
Mary, Benjamin, Peter, and John. SAMUEL, Exeter, s. of the first John,
m. 22 Dec. 1663, Mary, d. of Henry Roby. Charles, H. C. 1813, and
George, H. C. 1822, are descend. of John; the elder was the
accomplish. librar. formerly of the Boston Athenaeum; and the assid.
historian of Saco and Biddeford, wh. sust. the honor of our country
lately as her rep. at the Court of Holland, was the latter. The ho.
built by the first John at H. it is said, is still stand.