Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p152

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Volume 2, Page 152

26 Jan. 1640; Remember, 28 May 1643; and Benjamin, 18 May 1646; was
keep. of the prison 1676. JOHN, Lynn, perhaps s. of Nathaniel, rem.
to Salem, m. 29 Nov. 1670, Mary, d. of John Tompkins, had Nathaniel, b.
8 June 1672; Mary, 30 Mar. 1674; John, 22 Mar. 1676, d. in few days; Hannah,
18 Apr. 1677; Elizabeth 28 Feb. 1679; Samuel, 1 Jan. 1683; John, 22 Aug. 1686; and
his w. d. 12 Dec. 1688. He was freem. 1680. NATHANIEL, Salem 1633, a youth
of 17 yrs. br. of Benjamin, went home in 1634, came again next yr. d. 30 July 1705,
in 90th yr. leav. by w. Mary, John, Nathaniel, b. 15 Aug. 1655; Elizabeth 18 Mar. 1653;
Ruth, and Hannah, wh. m. a. 1684, Samuel Endicott, and next, 15 Dec. 1697, Thorndike
. He had also, bapt. there, Mary, 6 Apr. 1651, d. young; Mary, again, b. 15 Jan.
bapt. 30 May 1658; and Susanna, 1665.

    FENN, ‡* BENJAMIN, Dorchester, came, perhaps, 1630, in the Mary
and John, yet his name is not ment. bef. 1638, soon after which he rem.
to New Haven and to Milford, had two ws. of wh. first was Sarah,
d. of Sylvester Baldwin, wh. d. 29 Apr. 1663, and he m. 12 Mar.
1664, Susanna Ward. Of the ch. Benjamin, bapt. 20 Sept. 1640;
Joseph, 20 Nov. 1642; Sarah, Apr. 1645; Mary, 1647; and Martha,
1650; were of the first w. Samuel, 14 Mar. 1666, d. soon; Samuel,
, 4 Sept. 1667, d. young; Susanna, b. 4 May 1669; Samuel,
again, bapt. 1671; and James, b. 14 May 1672; of course, were
of the sec. was rep. 1653 for M. an Assist. of that Col. 1654, promot.
the un. with Conn. and was an Assist. 1665 of the Chart. Col. to 1672,
when he d. The will of 14 Sept. and inv. of 13 Nov. of that yr. show
it. His est. was large here and in Eng. Co. Bucks, val. at £600, rents
due 240, and this was by the will giv. to Samuel. Sarah, perhaps, m.
Samuel Burwell; Martha, m. 14 Mar. 1669, Samuel Newton; and Susanna m.
William Hooker of Farmington. By the will of [[|the wid. 9 Sept 1674, we
learn, that she was about embark. for Eng. giv. her prop. chiefly to
James and Susanna, refer. to her aged mo. Susanna Wood or Woad of
Suckley in Co. Worcester, a. 9 ms. from the city, a parish border. on
Herefordsh. beside other relatives; and by the inv. Nov. 1676, it is
made prob. that she did not come back. BENJAMIN, Milford, s. of the
by w. Mehitable, d. of Jasper Gunn, had Benjamin, Mary, and Joseph,
all bapt. in 1667; Sarah, 1668; Mehitable; Hannah; Martha, 1677; and Susanna;
and he d. 1689, the wid. and eight ch. had the est. His heirs are, eo
nomine, proprs. in 1685. The d. of a Capt. Fenn of New Haven is ment.
in 1656 by John Davenport in let. to John Winthrop wh. may have been the
Boston Robert, and d. at Barbados. 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 13. JOSEPH,
Norwalk 1654, br. of the preced. d. 1691, leav. w. Esther, and s. Joseph 3
yrs. old. RICHARD, came in the Planter 1635, aged 27, from London, but
I kn. no more of him. ROBERT, Boston, a capt. from London, by w.
Deborah of ch. at Salem, had Robert, bapt. 16 June 1644; and Deborah,
by town rec. b. 15 Jan. bapt. 8 Feb. 1646, a. a half day old, says the
rec. For sec. w. he m. 26 June 1654, Mary, wid. of Capt. Thomas
, wh surv. him, and m. 27 Feb. 1662, Henry Shrimpton.