Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v2p153

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Volume 2, Page 153

    FENNER, ARTHUR, Providence, b. in Eng. 1622, as is said, freem.
1655, sw. alleg. June 1667, was capt. in Philip's war, 1676, as
Hubbard, p. 59, remarks, did not rem. in that yr. of distress, and is
referred to in Revo. in N. E. Justif. 30; had sec. or third w.
Howlong, d. of William Harris, m. Dec. 1684. JOHN, Providence 1645,
perhaps br. of the preced. is doubtfully spoken of as having been at
New Haven. JOHN, Saybrook, had Phebe, b. 6 Sept. 1673, certain. ano.
d. and perhaps more ch. was a capt. d. 1709, leav. w. Sarah, and one
d. m. Gershom Palmer, and one to David Buell. His est. was £500.
ROBERT, Stamford 1641. Haz. II. 214. THOMAS, Branford, or
Wethersfield, d. 15 May 1647. His inv. tak. two days after, is giv. by
Trumbull in Col. Rec. of Conn. I. 477. THOMAS, Providence, perhaps s.
or br. of Arthur, sw. alleg. in May 1671, and in 1676, "staid and went
not away." WILLIAM, Providence, br. of Arthur, Was there in 1645. Of
one of these brs. descends Gov. Fenner. WILLIAM, Saybrook, a propr.
bef. 1673, was d. 1680, for the Court orders inv. of his est. to be
made. He may be the same as the preced.

    FENTON, ROBERT, Woburn, by w. Dorothy had Robert, b. 6
Oct. 1688; Frances, 22 July 1690; and prob. rem. to Conn. and had at
Mansfield in the col. other ch. certain. Jacob, 1698, and Dorothy, 1700.

    FENWICK, GEORGE, Saybrook, came in May 1636 to Boston from
Eng. not, as often said, 1635 (as by the letters of 10 and 23 June of the
later yr. from Gov. Winthrop to his s. John, agent of Fenwick, Lords
Say, Brook, and others, is plain), went home the same yr. or the foll.
but came back with his w. and childr. arr. in July 1639 at New Haven
with two ships, the first, and perhaps the last, that ever came direct
to that port from Eng. His establishm. was independ. until Dec. 1644,
when he sold to Conn. From all on the riv. above he had rec. up to
that time acknowledgm. of his territor. jurisdict. by payment at his
fort in the river's mo. He had been in Eng. a lawyer, call. of Grays
Inn, London; and now, on our side of the water, was chos. Assist. at
the Court of elect. bef. and was at the head, after Gov. and Dep. so
cont. at the choice in May 1648, after he had gone home. In Eng. he
was in high esteem for capac. and honor, a col. in the army of the N.
gov. of Tynemouth, mem. of Parliam. nam. one of the High Court of
Justice, the monstrous tribunal for sentence of the king, wh. serv.
happily he escaped. His w. Alice d. here, and her monum. remains on
the bank of the river where he bur. her; of his fam. we kn. only sis.
Elizabeth wh. m. 20 May 1648, Capt. John Cullick, and ds. Elizabeth Dorothy,
and Mary, and infer, that the last d. bef. her f. as he does not name
her in his will. He was of the ancient house of F. whose power was
great in Berwick, Durham, and Northumberland; and he enjoy. much
influence in Parliam. and after the end of the civ. war, in the army,
where he was col.