Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p436

Volume 1, Page 436

Feb. 1687; and James, 10 Mar. 1689, d. at 3 wks. MOSES, Scarborough,
s. of Christopher, was, in 1671, whip. as a Quaker. NATHANIEL,
Middletown, s. of deac. Edward, ord. 4 Nov. 1668, m. 3 Aug. 1664,
Mary, d. of William Whiting of Hartford, d. 28 Dec. 1684, had Mary,
b. 11 May 1666; John, 31 Jan. 1668; Susanna, 26 Nov. 1669; Sibyl,
20 Aug. 1672, d. young; Martha, 26 Dec. 1674; Nathaniel, 13 June
1677, H. C. 1697; Abigail, 31 July 1681; and Daniel, or Samuel, 16
Apr. 1683, d. in 1 wk. His wid. d. 26 Oct. 1709. Mary m. Jan.
1685, John Hamlin; Susanna m. 26 May 1692, William Hamlin; and
Abigail m. 1702, William Ward; but she may have been d. of Samuel.
NATHANIEL, Hatfield, k. by the Ind. 19 Oct. 1675. PETER, New
London 1650, is not thot. to be s. of any in our country, nor to have had
w. or ch. at his d. May or June 1655, div. his prop. among John Gager
and other neighb. PETER, Pemaquid, in 1674 sw. fidel. to Mass. ROBERT,
came in the Arabella, from London, 1671, but I kn. no more of
him, unless he were f.-in-law of that Daniel Rolfe in 1672, wh. was k.
in Philip's war. * SAMUEL, Middletown, br. of Rev. Nathaniel, b. in
Eng. aft. com. with his f. to Cambridge, there m. bef. 1664, and had Edward,
b. 8 Jan. 1664, went to Scotland, perhaps a. 1658 or 9, came back
soon, and was, perhaps, casually at Cambridge 1675, and Charlestown
1678, but sat down at M. there was rep. 1672, and d. 1696, leav. Edward;
Martha, b. 3 Mar. 1666; Samuel, 21 Oct. 1668; Sibyl, 25 Feb.
1671; Mary, 16 June 1672; Abigail, 2 June 1673; and Daniel, 5 Oct.
1675. His w. d. 5 Mar. 1714. See Hutch. Coll. 475. SAMUEL, New
London 1680-3; perhaps rem. to Lyme, m. 6 Aug. 1695, Rebecca, wid.
of Joseph Hunt of Duxbury, wh. d. 15 June preced. SAMUEL, Salisbury,
s. of Benjamin of the same, m. 16 Mar. 1699, Sarah White, had
Benjamin, b. 5 Dec. 1699; and Joseph, 27 June 1702. THOMAS, Boston
1677, merch. THOMAS, Warwick, eldest s. of Elizur of the same,
m. Abigail House, had Elizur, b. 17 Nov. 1693; William, 8 Feb. 1695;
Thomas, 3 Jan. 1697; Sarah, 31 Oct. 1698; Thankful, 27 Aug. 1700;
and by sec. w. Ann had Ann, 16 July 1707; Samuel, 30 May 1709;
and Abigail, 20 Nov. 1711. WILLIAM, New London 1664, tax. in
1667, but is not kn. to have had fam. perhaps rem. to New Haven, and
that yr. m. 1 Jan. Sarah, d. of Henry Morrill; and was a propr. 1685. He
had a d. b. 1670, whose name is not seen; John, 10 Mar. 1673; William,
4 Mar. 1675; Daniel, 28 May 1677; Sarah, 31 Dec. 1679; Jonathan, 25
May 1682; and Nathaniel, 25 Jan. 1685. Gov. Winthrop in II. 8, 38, and
136, ment. a scholar, of this name, wh. came 1640, from Barbados, was
a preacher, m. a d. of William Hutchinson, and was cut off by the Ind.
when the fam. of the prophetess was brok. up; but he does not give the
bapt. prefix which in Backus is found to be William. Of this name, in
1834, four had been gr. at Harv. and fourteen at other N. E. coll.

    COLLISHAW or COWLISHAWE, as ch. rec. has it, WILLIAM, Boston