Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p437


Volume 1, Page 437

1633, came, possib. at the same time as Cotton, with w. Ann, and Sarah
Morrice her d. for the three were rec. into our ch. the mo. foll. the adm.
of our teacher; freem. 4 Mar. 1634. No more is kn.

    COLLOHANE, HUGH, a strange name, seen nowhere but in the list of
Moseley's comp. Dec. 1675.

    COLMAN, BENJAMIN, Boston, s. of William, first min. of Brattle str.
ch. by Increase and Cotton Mather stigmatiz. as the "Manifesto" ch.
preach. first at Bath, Ipswich, and other places in Eng. but was ord. for
the society in Boston, 4 Aug. 1699, at London, m. 8 June 1700, Jane, d.
of Thomas Clark, had Benjamin, b. 1 Sept. 1704, d. in few days; Jane,
25 Feb. 1708; and Abigail, 14 Jan. 1715. He had sec. w. Sarah, d. of
Richard Crisp, wh. had been wid. of William Harris, Hon. John Leverett,
and Hon. John Clark, in succession, m. 6 May 1731, and d. 24
Apr. 1744; and his third w. m. 12 Aug. 1745, was Mary, d. of William
, and sis. of Sir William, wid. of Hon. John Frost, wh. surv.
him, and m. Benjamin Prescott. He was emin. for serv. to Harv. Coll.
beyond all others of the age; and d. 29 Aug. 1747. In Eliot's Biogr.
Dict. a valua acco. of him is found. EDWARD, Boston, m. 27 Oct.
1648, Margaret, d. of Thomas Lumbard of Barnstable, had Elizabeth 28
Jan. 1652; Mary, 12 Sept. 1653, d. under four yrs.; Martha, 8 Aug.
1655; James, 31 Jan. 1657; and other ch. certain. Abigail, nam. in will
of gr.f. L. JOHN, Dover 1661. JOHN, Salem, d. June 1665. JOHN,
Hatfield, freem. 1672. See Coleman. JOHN, Boston, s. of William,
one of the found. of the ch. in Brattle str. JOSEPH, Scituate, shoemaker,
came in 1635 or 6, from Sandwich, in Kent, with w. Sarah, and four
ch. was first at Charlestown, but went, 1638, to S. thence rem. perhaps
to Norwich bef. 1690; had at S. Joseph, Zechariah, Thomas, and sev. ds.
Deane. WILLIAM, Gloucester 1654, m. 14 Nov. 1662, Bridget, wid. of
John Rowe, and d. 18 Apr. 1680, and she d. 2 May foll. WILLIAM, Boston,
came with w. Elizabeth in the Arabella, 1671, from London, had Mary, b. 3
Dec. 1671, and Benjamin, 19 Oct. 1673, H. C. 1692, bef. ment. They
were from Satterly, in Norfolk, and perhaps brot. John. Five of this
name, in 1834, had been gr. at Harv. and nine at other N. E. coll.

    COLSON, ADAM, Reading, an early sett. m. 7 Sept. 1668, Mary,
had Josiah, b. 6 Mar. 1673, d. in few mos.; Elizabeth 9 Oct. 1676; Lydia,
31 Mar. 1680; and David, 26 Apr. 1682; and d. 1 Mar. 1687. NATHANIEL,
Newport, by w. Susanna, had Ann, b. 8 June 1678.

    COLT or COULT, JOHN, Windsor 1668, liv. to old age, had Sarah,
bapt. at Hartford, says Hinman, 7 Feb. 1647, and sev. s. of wh. one or
more sett. at Lyme. In his sec. Ed. 672-8, Hinman gives many names
of descend. yet with no precis. of line. But the orig. is quite mythical.
The sett. was b. in Colchester, Co. Essex, a. 50 ms. from London, came
to Dorchester when a. 11 yrs. old, rem. to Hartford a. 1638, as says the
book, with no inherent improb. but it is sure to encourage distrust of