Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p425


Volume 1, Page 425

that he employ. Colcord to purchase from some Ind. the lds. upon or
near wh. he design. to found the new town of Exeter, a refuge from the
intolerance of Mass. in 1638. It must be evid. that tho. C. were competent
to such dealing in 1638, he was less than fourteen yrs. of age in May
1629, when W. was 20 yrs. older, as he had tak. his A. B. at Cambridge
Univ. 1614; and both would surely have been jeer. by the lords
of the forest for such attempt at a treaty. SAMUEL, Hampton,
youngest s. of the preced. by w. Mary had Jonathan, b. 4 Mar. 1684;
and Elizabeth 6 Dec. 1686; was rep. 1682. Descend. are num. in N. H. of
wh. one, Ebenezer, d. at Brentwood, 1824, in his 99th yr.

    COLDAM, COLDOM or COLDHAM, CLEMENT, Lynn 1630, a miller,
was of ar. co. 1615, of wh.I kn. no more but that he had Clement, and prob.
others, and sw. 26 May 1661, that he had kn. William Longley at L. 23 yrs.
CLEMENT, Lynn, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. rem. to Gloucester, had
Judith, wh. d. 28 Feb. 1650, testif. 28 May 1678, that he was in his
55th yr. and d. 18 Dec. 1703, so aged 80. Elizabeth prob. his d. m. at G. 15
Oct. 1663, Francis Norwood, and Mary, perhaps his wid. d. 26 Jan.
1705. JOHN, Gloucester, freem. 1664, was, perhaps, br. or s. of the
preced. THOMAS, Lynn, 1630, was, perhaps, br. of Clement the first,
kept Mr. Humfrey's mill, freem. 14 May 1634, d. 8 Apr. 1675, aged 73.
But his will of 14 Mar. preced. says, aged, a. 86 yrs. no doubt he was
too old to be exact. It ment. w. Joanna. Thomas jr. of Lynn, his s. d. 18
Mar. or May 1673. His will of 10 Mar. preced. nam. no w. or ch.

    COLE, COALE or COALES, ABRAHAM, Salem, s. of Thomas, was
a tailor, m. 11 June 1670, Sarah Davis, had Samuel, b. 11 May foll.
wh. d. next mo.; Sarah, 29 Aug. 1672; Abraham, 6 Jan. 1674; and he
rem. to Hampton, where he took o. of fidel. Dec. 1678, and in evil
hour rem. to S. and there his W. in 1692 was charg. with witchcraft.
Felt, II. 481. Yet if the charge imply, as usual. it does, old age,
she was very fortunate not to have been tried, were her h. the
same man, call. as witness so early as 1645; and in Jan. 1633 she
was liberat. on bail by her h. ALEXANDER, Salem 1685, a Scot
from Dunbarton, m. Bethia, wid. of Henry Silsbee, had only ch. Alexander,
and d. 1687, in his will of 24 June, pro. 24 Aug. of that yr. ment.
two maid. sis. Ann, and Jeannett at D. ARTHUR, Cambridge, d. 4 Sept.
1676, leav. young wid. Lydia, Wh. m. 13 Apr. 1680, William Eager, or
Eger. He had m. her 27 Nov. 1673, had Arthur, b. 10 Dec. 1674, wh.
d. 30 Oct. 1703; and Daniel, 7 Mar. 1676. CLEMENT, Boston, came in
the Susan and Ellen, 1635, from London, aged 30, as serv. with capt.
Keayne, prob. with w. and ch. for in 1639 he had a lot for seven heads
gr. at Braintree. * DANIEL, Yarmouth, rem. to Eastham 1643, was br. of
Job, first town clk. rep. 1652, and six yrs. more, by w. Ruth had John,
b. 15 July 1644, Timothy, 4 Sept. 1616; Hepzibah, 15 Apr. 1649;
Ruth, 15 Apr. 1651; Israel, 8 Jan. 1653; James, 30 Nov. 1655; Mary,
10 Mar. 1659; and William, 15 Sept. 1663. He d. 21 Dec. 1691, aged