Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p284


Volume 1, Page 284

b. 11 Jan. 1674; Ephraim, 13 July 1676; John, 1 Jan. 1679, d. in few
days; John, again, 7 Feb. 1680; Samuel, 13 Nov. 1682; Eunice, 7 July
1685; Ebenezer, 20 May 1689; and Mary, 28 Oct. 1691. HENRY,
Wethersfield, m. 31 Oct. 1660, Elizabeth d. of Josiah Churchill, had Samuel,
b. 1664; Martha, 1667; Elizabeth 1670; Mary, 1673; Sarah, 1678; Ruth,
1681; Mehitable, 1684; and Henry; He d. 7 July 1712. ISAAC,
Scituate 1647, town clk. rep. 1663, 4, and 5; bore arms 1643, and was
the lieut. 1676, wh. repuls. the Ind. assault on the town, d. 1695, leav.
wid. Frances, and ch. Thomas, Joseph, Jonathan, Benjamin, Elizabeth wh.
was w. of Robert Whitcomb, Mehitable, w. of Stephen Chittenden,
Ruth, m. 17 Jan. 1677, Joseph Garrett, not Gannett, as print. in Geneal.
Reg. IX. 316, and Deborah, w. of Henry Merritt. JAMES, Hingham
1638, came in the Diligent, that yr. with one serv. John Morfield, from
old Hingham, freem. 22 May 1639. He m. 4 June 1639, at Dorchester,
but the w's name is not seen, had a ch. that was bur. 13 June 1640;
Lydia, bapt. 3 Dec. 1643; Adam, wh. d. 24 Apr. 1646; and Abel,
prob. tw. br. bapt. 26 Apr. 1646; and Lydia d. at 23 yrs. JOHN,
Hingham, br. of the preced. came, prob. in the same sh. was short
time at Dorchester, rem. 1650, to Scituate, m. Elizabeth d. of Samuel
Holbrook of Weymouth, had Elizabeth b. 1653; Mary, 1655; Joseph, 1657;
John, 1659; Hannah, 1661; Susanna, 1664; Benjamin, 1665; Deborah,
1670; Robert, 1672; and Rachel, 1674. He m. 1693, the wid. of
sec. Edward Dotey, wh. was prob. Sarah, sis. of famous Elder Faunce,
and d. 1697, or, rather, his will bears that date. ROGER, Cambridge,
came in the Increase 1635, aged 18, perhaps s. of William, had Mary,
b. 1638, wh. d. 31 Aug. 1669
[1]; John, 3 Sept. 1644; Ephraim, 26 July
1646; Mary, 23 June 1648; Ruth, 6 Nov. 1653; and Elizabeth 5 July 1657;
perhaps others. His w. Susanna d. 10 Sept. 1685. Prob. he had other
ch. for Harris's Epit. ment. d. of Nathaniel, 19 July 1672; of Ann, 13
Apr. 1675; and of Samuel, 21 Sept. 1690. WILLIAM, Cambridge,
ploughwright, came in the Increase 1635, aged 50, d. 24 Jan. 1658.
His s. Roger had admin. in Apr. foll. A Christian B. came in the
Blessing 1635, aged 26.

    BUCKINGHAM, DANIEL, and SAMUEL, Milford 1669, were perhaps s.
of Thomas. Of the former we learn nothing more than that he m. 1661,
Hannah, d. of William Fowler the sec. of M. and of Samuel, only that
he was b. 1640, and m. 14 Dec. 1663, Sarah Baldwin, d. of Timothy, and
call. Anthony Hawkins his uncle. Mr. Porter adds, that his ch. were Sarah,
Ann, Ruth, Esther, Samuel, and Thomas; that his will was of 6 Oct. 1692,
his inv. of 2 Apr. 1700; and the inv. of his wid. 12 Sept. 1706. THOMAS,
Milford 1639, one of the chief men, had Hannah, wh. m. bef. 1655, Thomas
Welch; Thomas, bapt. 8 Nov. 1646; d. 1657, on a visit at Boston. Perhaps his
w. was Ann, outliv. him, and in her will, of 18 Mar. 1687, may instr. us, for
she names ch. Daniel, Samuel, Thomas, d. Mary Parker, Ann, Mary
Merwin, Thomas and Esther, ch. of her d. Hannah Welch, and Sarah Fowler.
THOMAS, Saybrook, s. of the preced. was min. 1669, d. 1 Apr. 1709,
aged 63, wh. disproves a fond tradit. that he was b. on the passage
of his parents, wh. came over with Prudden, and went to M. as one
of the first sett. 28 Nov. 1639. If he were then alive, his age should
have been call. 71. He had not a coll. educ. but was ord. 1670; and
enjoys the distinc. of being one of the found. of Yale Coll. By w. Es-
, d. of Thomas Hosmer of Hartford, m. 20 Sept. 1666, had Esther,