Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p161


Volume 1, Page 161

of Richard Wood of W. and her fifth ch. was Joseph, b. 20 Feb. 1719,
of Y. C. 1735, a very disting. theolog. among the systemat. rulers of

    BELLEW or BELLOU, WILLIAM, Dover 1644.

    BELLFLOWER, BENJAMIN, Reading, a quaker, wh. after sent. of banish.
for his opin. renounc. it, as in Hutch. I. 201, 2, is told. He had m.
3 Feb. 1659, w. Abigail, and d. 24 Feb. 1661, and next mo. inv. of small
amt. was render. at Salem. HENRY, Reading, 1656, had Hannah, b. 17 Jan.
1657; and Deliverance, 2 May 1662.

    BELLAMONT, RICHARD, the Earl of, Gov. of Mass. appoint. by the
crown, as success. to Sir William Phips, was the only peer ever thus deput.
came to Mass. from New York, 26 May 1699, and went back; next yr.

    BELLINGHAM, RICHARD, Boston, had been recorder of old
Boston from 1625 to 1633, when he partook largely of the desire to
migr. and with w. and s. Samuel came, tho. in what ship is not found, in
1634, and was chos. a selectman in Aug. after join. the ch. with his w. on
3 of that mo. and bef. long a rep. made in 1635, dept. gov. and twelve
times after, some yrs. was treasr. of the Col. and gov. in 1641, and sev.
times after, in all ten yrs. of wh. from 1665 to 72 inclus. beside being
always an Assist. maj. gen. in 1664, and d. 7 Dec. 1672, the last surv.
of the patentees in the Chart. aged above 80 yrs. says the Cambridge
Almanac of next yr. He rem. to Ipswich, and after to Rowley, hav. est.
and near friends at each place; but liv. not long at either. For sec. w.
he m. 1641, Penelope, the young sis. of Herbert Pelham, Esq. wh. had
embark. 15 May 1635, aged 16, in the Susan and Ellen. Beside the impropr.
of this match, in point of age, it was unduly solemniz. as in Winthrop
Hist. is told. By her he had Hannah, bapt. 14 Aug. 1642; John, H. C.
1661, wh. next yr. was agent for his f. at Rowley in care of ld. that had
been his uncle William's; James, b. 3, bapt. 10 May 1646; and Grace,
wh. d. 3 Sept. 1654; and these are all of wh. we find notice. His wid. liv.
near 30 yrs. d. 28 May 1702. For her and s. Samuel he provid. in his
will, that was however so perversely drawn, as to be set aside by the
Gen. Ct. Of his weakness as ch. magistr. other strange instances are
relat. by the early hist. of N. E. but the most to be regrett. was his
enmity, at a later day, to the foundat. of the O. S. or 3d ch. of Boston,
that ceas. only with his life. Gov. Coddington of R. I. wh. had been, in
their day of small things, much assoc. with B. in both Bostons, almost
exults at his completion of the measure of his iniquity in distraction,
closing his "Demonstration of True Love" in this emphatic style: "The
hand of the Lord cuts him off, not giving him repentance to life, that other
sons of Belial of his persecuting, spirit might be warned, not to put the
evil day far from them." Without sympathy in the triumph of Gov.
C. it is grateful to me to remark, that the unbrok. reign of dismal bigotry
from 1649 to 1672 inclus. under Dudley, Endicott, and Bellingham, hard,
harder, hardest, betw. the mild wisdom of Winthrop and the tolerant dignity