Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p162


Volume 1, Page 162

of Leverett, came to its end with that last of the triumvirs of Mass.
SAMUEL, Boston, s. of the preced. was of the earliest class of H. C. 1642,
and at Rowley next yr. but soon went to Europe, stud. at Leyden, and
there took his degr. of M. D. liv. most of his days in or near London;
had only ch. Elizabeth and her by first w. In Apr. 1695 he m. at L. wid.
Elizabeth Savage, wh. is unkn. to me; and he sent her over to manage his
affairs in this country. In Boston she made her will, Nov. 1697 in wh.
she bestow. munificently to the coll. to ministers, and friends here, but
gave back chief est. to her h. She sail. for Eng. 8 Nov. and was lost by
shipwreck on the coast of Ireland 3 Feb. foll. The orig,. indentures to
convey est. that he had sett. on his w. made at London Sept. 1698,
and others of July 1700, in wh. he and his d. unite to convey to Ch.
Just. Sewall, as purchaser, the beautiful Boston est. were long in my
possess. and were giv. to a better custodian. WILLIAM, Rowley, br. of
Richard, freem. 12 Oct. 1640, d. 1650, left prob. no fam. for his will,
pro. 24 Sept. in that yr. gave his est. to neph. Samuel.

    BELLINGTON, JOSEPH, Block Isl. 1684.

    BELLOWS, BENJAMIN, Lancaster, youngest ch. of John, b. prob. 1678
or 9 at Marlborough, after the ret. of the exiles from a safer residence at
Concord, m. 1704, Dorcas, wid. of Henry Willard of Lancaster, had
Mary, b. 1707; Judith, 1708; Joanna, 1710; and Benjamin, 26 May
1712. The name of his youngest s. is perpet. in the Bellows Falls
of Conn. riv. where he found. the beautif. town of Walpole. JOHN,
Concord 1645, had come in the Hopewell, Capt. Bundock, from London,
Apr. 1635, aged 12, m. 9 May 1655, Mary Wood of Marlborough, perhaps
d. of his fellow-passeng. John W. had Mary, b. 22 Apr. 1656;
Samuel, 22 Jan. 1658, d. young; Abigail, 6 May 1661; Daniel; and
Benjamin. He rem. to M. Such was the statement in Farmer, as orig.
print. with slight addit. from rec. by me; and in F.'s interleav. copy no
correction or enlargement is found. Yet the variance of acco. in Ward
and Barry is so material, that tho. the two may be only one authority, it
must be giv. They say, the ch. were Isaac, b. 13 Sept. 1663, wh. d. a.
1746; John, 13 May 1666; Thomas, 7 Sept. 1668; Eliezur, 13 Apr.
1671; Daniel, 15 Mar. 1673, d. young; and Nathaniel, 3 Apr. 1676, b.
at Concord, no doubt caused by the exposure of M. in Philip's war.
The f. d. 10 Jan. 1684, as erron. is said, for his will was pro. bef. that
date, and Ward tells, that his wid. Mary d. 1707. Barry adds, that
Eliezur by w. Esther had Thomas, b. 30 Sept. 1693; and that the descend.
of John have been num. in Malborough and Southborough.
John's will, made 19 June 1683, pro. 2 Oct. foll. names w. five s. and
two ds. omit. the s. Benjamin, wh. had been adopt. by a rich man; so
that we may be sure the enumerat. of Farmer was defect. Abigail m.
19 Apr. 1682, Isaac Lawrence. MATURIN, Providence 1645. ROBERT,
Boston 1654.