Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v1p148

Volume 1, Page 148

by w. Martha, wh. had been, I presume, wid. Bushnell, had Abigail, b.
8 Feb. 1646, wh. prob. d. young. In his will, made 14 Sept. pro. 28
Oct. 1658, provis. is made for wid. and for Ann, w. of Ezekiel Woodward;
Grace, w. of Samuel Graves of Ipswich; Mercy, wh. m. 17 Oct. 1656,
Michael Wilborne, and next Andrew Peters, of Ipswich; Hannah, w. of
Bushnell, wh. after m. 16 Oct. 1661, Abraham Perkins; Eliz. w. of
Edward Page; Mary w. of Robison, wh. after m. Thomas Dennis; and
for Edward Bushnell, perhaps s. of his w. by her former h. The ch.
made sale of the est. in Nov. 1668, when perhaps his wid. was dec.

    BEAN, BEANE or BEANES, JOHN, Exeter, had John, b. 15 Aug
1661, d. under 5 yrs; Daniel; Samuel; John, again, 13 Oct. 1668; Margaret;
James; Jeremy, 20 Apr. 1675; and Elizabeth MICHAEL, Kittery
1653. PHILIP, Salem, had gr. of ld. 1637. WILLIAM, Salem 1668;
but in Ed. 2 of his Ann. Mr. Felt makes the name Beere; and it has
been read Beebe. But, as Beanes, he claim. as an heir of Robert Buffum,
perhaps by m. of his d.

    BEARD, AARON, Pemaquid, or neighb. 1674, sw. fidel. to Mass. JAMES,
Milford 1642, came with his mo. Martha, tw. brs. and three sis. his f.
dying on the voyage, as the fam. tradit. tells, wh. adds, that he was eldest
ch. and that it adds no more should not discourage large inq. His inv. was
tak. 27 Oct. 1681. One of his sis. was w. of Nicholas Camp; ano. Martha,
m. 20 Dec. 1649, John Streame. JEREMY, Milford, br. of the preced. is
altogether barren of any informat. in fam. tradit. but of * JOHN, Milford,
the other br. of the preced. that source of intellig. is more bountif. He
was a man of import., rep. 1677, and oft. aft. had two ws. but wh.
as first may need investigat. One, perhaps the earlier, had been by
name of Hannah Hawley m. to John Ufford, or Offit, and at her desire
divorc. By her he had sev. ch. and by Abigail, d. of Richard Hollingworth,
perhaps the sec. had prob. no ch. was capt. in one of the expedit.
against the Ind. 1675. His est. was distrib. 18 Nov. 1690, to w. Ann, ch.
John, James, Joseph, Samuel, Mary, w. of Timothy Baldwin, and Ann;
and the wid. d. 1698. The list of proprs. 1713 at M. has sev. of this
name wh. were descend. of him or his brs. JOSEPH, Dover, s. of William,
suffer. loss of his garris. ho. 1694, and left a wid. Esther bef. 1705.
THOMAS, Salem 1629, shoemaker, came that yr. in the Mayflower, was
freem. 10 May 1643, bot. next yr. the ho. and ld. of Nicholas Shapleigh
at Portsmouth, then call. Strawberry Bank, perhaps was f. of that
THOMAS of Scarborough, perhaps of Dover, wh. d. 1679, that by w.
Mary had William, b. 12 May 1664, d. at 2 weeks; and Hannah, 24
Oct. 1666. Yet it may be that this Thomas was s. of William. THOMAS,
Ipswich, freem., perhaps, of Boston, 1675, a mariner. WILLIAM, Dover
1640, had Joseph, b. 1655, was "the good old man" k. by the Ind. at
Durham 1675. See Hubbard's Ind. Wars, and Young's Chron. 186.

    BEARDING. See Barding.