Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p672


Volume 4, Page 672

third Isaac Heath of the same, had Jonathan, b. 9 Oct. 1686; Cornelius,
1 Sept. 1688; Ebenezer, 2 Nov. 1690; Ann, 1 Dec. 1695; Elizabeth
17 Jan. 1699; and Leah, 4 May 1701, d. the same mo.; beside John,
whose b. is not seen, but his d. is on the rec. 26 July 1711; as is also
that of the f. 23 July of next yr.

    YOUNGS or YONGS, JOHN, Southold, L. I. a min. of St. Margarets,
Co. Sufflk. aged 35, with Joan his w. 34, and six ch. John, Thomas,
Ann, Rachel, Mary, and Joseph, would have come to Salem, in N. E. in
the Mary Ann from Great Yarmouth, May 1637, with many other passeng.
of wh. was the wid. of learn. William Ames, the Professor at
Franequer, as is seen in a collect. of rec. at Westminster, with copy of
wh. her majesty's keeper of those treasures favored me; and in the
margin of this part is insert. "This man was forbyden passage by the
Commissnrs. and went not from Yarmouth." Probably the scivener
had no idea of a negative pregnant, as the lawyer says, in his mind,
when he made that entry, but may have suppos. that the power of the
great archbp. the imperious and foolish Laud, would forever restrain that
migrat. As the whole complication of ecclesiast. impolicy was overthrown
three yrs. aft. the puritan's desire was then, if not earlier gratif.
One report places him at New Haven 1638-40. I presume that Wood,
in his Hist. of L. I. where he makes Y. a min. at Hingham, Eng. and to
come to New Haven with part of his church in 1640, and to begin the settlem.
of Southold, in Oct. of that yr. foll. tradit. of the neighb. and may
be more trustworthy, as Farmer quotes him, where he says, he d. 1672,
in his 74th yr. JOHN, Southold, L. I. eldest s. of the preced. (wh. is
duly commeno. under Young), was, in 1681, under the governm. of
the Duke of York, sheriff of the whole insular territo. as Wood tells,
and d. in his 75th yr. 1698. JOSEPH, Southold, L. I. sen. and JOSEPH,
jr. of the same, adm. freemen of Conn. 1662, were prob. br. and s. of
the Rev. John, or possib. s. and gr.s. tho. less prob. ROBERT, York,
k. by the Ind. betw. York and Kittery 16 or 22 Aug. 1690. THOMAS,
Greenwich 1673, and of Oyster Bay, on the opposite coast of L. I.
1682, may have been s. of Rev. John, brot. from Eng.

    ZECHARIAH, LEWIS, Ipswich 1675, is all that Mr. Felt can tell a.
this person, whose surname may have changed places with the bapt. as
Farmer found Merry Waters. Yet I have no acquaint. with Zechariah
Lewis, not even so much as with Lewis Zechariah. The name of
Daniel Zechary in Boston, turns up in 1706.

    ZULLESH, DAVID, freem. of Mass. 18 May 1642, is the last name on
the long list of that day's adm. as well as the latest in the labor of this
Dictionary, wh. closes with regret that no further report of him can be
afford, nor can any conject. be hazard, even for his resid. It hardly