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Volume 4, Page 666

24 Feb. 1697; Ann, 26 Mar. 1700; Judith, 16 June 1702; Elizabeth 11
Mar. 1704; Ebenezer, 21 Mar. 1706; Esther; Elizabeth; and Prudence, 8
Mar. 1709; in wh. yr. he d. WILLIAM, Woburn, elder br. of the
m. Prudence, d. perhaps of Thomas Putnam of Salem, had
William, b. 18, d. 20. 1683; Prudence, 26 Dec. foll.; William,
again, 15 Jan. 1685; Thomas, 23 Aug. 1687; Elizabeth 5 July 1689, d.
next yr.; Francis, 10 July 1691; Joshua, 3 Jan. 1693; a d. 1694, d.
very soon; Edward, 10 Jan. 1696; Elizabeth again. 16 Feb. 1698; Deliverance,
28 Feb. 1700; and James, 16 Mar. 1702; was freem. 1690, and
d. 1705. Farmer in 1834 counts the gr. of this name, seven at Harv.
and two at other N. E. coll.

    WYTHERDEN. See Witherden.

    YALE, DAVID, Boston, came prob. with his f.-in-law, Gov. Eaton, in
1637, by w. Ursula (perhaps brot. from Wales, where was the home of
his f. David, yet more prob. that he took her in Boston, tho. we kno. not
her f.) had Elizabeth b. May 1644, d. in few wks.; David, 18 Sept. 1645;
Theophilus, 14 Jan. 1652, and soon aft. rem. perhaps home to Eng.
He own. some ld. at New Haven, and may have liv. there two or three
yrs. and even have had Joseph there, as on p. 24 of the "Yale fam." is
presum. tho. to me is seems not prob. how Farmer was led to make
him freem. 1640, is strange, for his name is not on the list, nor was he a
mem. of the ch. of B. but he sympathiz. with the oppon. of our commun.
wh. prob. induc. him to abandon our country. Gov. Hopkins wh.
had m. his sis. Ann, in his will, made at London, 17 Mar. 1657, left
him £200. ELIHU, New Haven, s. of the first Thomas, as Dr. Stiles
positively says, tho. in more recent times, some at New Haven have
doubted it, and offer very good presumpt. that he was s. of David, quot.
the entry of the Merch. Taylor's sch. in London, where he was adm. 1
Sept. 1662, went home in his youth, and a. 1678, preceed. to the E.
Indies, there resid. twenty yrs. and went home with large est. and three
ds. two of wh. m. into noble fams. and he d. in London, 22 July 1721.
His monum. is at Wrexham, in Co. Denbigh, bordering on Cheshire.
The assid. antiquary, N. B. Shurtleff, in Geneal. Reg. IV. 245, in a
brief, but comprehens. notice, slightly varying from Stiles, that is giv.
in note to Winthrop II. 217, shows how he was Gov. of the E. I. comp.
and by his munificent legacy gain. the endur. credit, of founder of the
flourish. instit. of Yale College in his native city. JOHN, New Haven,
eldest s. of Thomas of the same, is in the list of proprs. 1685, and that
was all that could be seen of him bef. the appear. of the Geneal. 1850,
by a descend. of the same ancest. In that tract we learn, that, by w.
Rebecca, whose surname is not told, he had John, b. 3 June 1694, when
both parents had acquir. mature age (and of this s. it is carefully told,