Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p642


Volume 4, Page 642

July 1683; and Ann, 20 July 1684, bapt. the same day. He was freem.
1673, belong. to 3d or Thacher's ch. and d. a. 1685, when, as Col. Rec.
V. shows, his wid. extrix. had to ask intervent. of the Gen. C. She m.
George Monk, the vintner; and outliv. him. ROBERT, Ipswich, with
prefix of respect, rem. early to Boston, with w. Margaret, and d. Ann,
wh. m. John Cutler of Charlestown; had at B. Seth, b. 26 Mar. 1644;
Joseph, bapt. 1 Apr. 1649, at four days old; Bethia, 15 Dec. 1650;
beside Sarah wh. may have been brot. from I. and d. 10 Nov. 1653.
He was sch.-master at £50. a yr. from 1650, and d. 13 Aug. 1667. His
wid. Margaret d. 1670.

    WOODROP, WILLIAM, Lancaster, an eject. min. in Mather's Magn.
III. 4, of wh. he tells not. a word. Farmer gave the name Woodroffe,
as if he had been progen. of the fam. not sparsely scatter. in our country;
but I can hardly think so ill of the spell in the Magn. for Mather
must oft. have seen him, and prob. writ. letters to and rec. from him.
Hull, in his Diary, furnishes the desira. informat. that he arr. at Boston
from Jamaica, 29 Dec. 1674; and he must have found it no easy matter
to obt. employm. nor can I trace him again, exc. in the gr. ordina. of
Rev. Daniel Gookin at Sherburne, 26 Mar. 1685, when Woodrop's assist.
Both Hull and Sewall give the spelling I have substitut. for Farmer's
and my only further fact to be told, is that he sail. for Eng. 12 July
1687, no doubt to take advantage of King James's newborn or pretend.
favor to dissent. He left no descend. here, prob. had no w.

    WOODROW, may be an independ. name, but as some of the Woodruff's
have this form of spell. I have chosen to combine the two.

Salem 1660-78, by w. Rebecca had Mary, b. 21 Apr. 1660; and his w. d. 2
June 1663, and he may have been br. of Joseph. JOHN, Southampton,
L. I. 1640 or 1, is by Wood's Hist. made one of the orig. compan. of
Pierson in settlem. JOHN, Farmington, s. of Matthew, d. 1692, his will
being of 18 Apr. and inv. so soon aft. as 16 May foll. when seven ch.
are nam. and their ages are giv. but wh. was the mo. or when she was
m. does not appear. The eldest was Mary, w. of John Root, 25; John,
23; Hannah, 21; Phebe, 16; Joseph, 13; Margaret, 10, wh. was bapt.
23 Apr. 1682; and Abigail, 8, bapt. 30 Mar. 1684. Lambert places him
at Milford 1685, but prob. without good reason. He was propound. for
freem. as early as 1663. JOSEPH, Salem, may have been the name of
him wh. m. Rebecca, d. of the wid. of William Canterbury, and had
Joseph and Mary, and the f. whether Joseph or other name, was d. as
also was his w. in July 1684. JOSEPH, Farmington, m. Hannah, d. of
John Clark, but of name of his f. or date of m. or any other incid. I am
ign. MATTHEW, Farmington, an orig. propr. by w. Hannah wh. join.
the ch. 2 Apr. 1654, had John, b. 1643; Matthew, 1646; Hannah,