Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p640


Volume 4, Page 640

he, or more prob. ano. RICHARD had Francis and Hopestill, tw. b. 8
Mar. 1662. But the former, if there were two, was liv. in 1676, when
he made convey. to his gr.s. George Pierce, whose f. had m. his d. Mary.
Sometimes his name appears Woody, sometimes Wooddus. ROBERT,
Boston, had Joseph, b. 1641, wh. may have been error of Farmer's
informer of the s. of Richard, bef. ment. and Nathniel, b. 1642.

RICHARD, Brookhaven, says Wood's L. I. but the Conn. governm. in
1659 and foll. yrs. call. his resid. Setauket, wh. is nearly opposite to
Milford on the continent. He was rep. 1664, and had a commissn. from
the Col. under its new Charter Gov. Winthrop that yr. WILLIAM, Portsmouth,
R. I. is on the freemen's list 1655; but more common is the
spelling Wodel, or Waddel, and under Waddell it is already giv.

    WOODLAND, EDMUND, Salem 1673. JOHN, Braintree 1651, by w.
had John, b. 1653. Ten yrs. aft. he rem. to become one of the
first sett. at Mendon, Sept. 1663.

    WOODLEY, WILLIAM, Marblehead, d. June 1682, leav. wid. Elizabeth
young ch. Miriam.

    WOODMAN, ARCHELAUS, Newbury, nam. Hercules in the report to
governm. of passeng. from Southampton in the James of London, em bark.
6 Apr. arr. 3 June 1653, and call. mercer of Malford. Perhaps
the custom-ho. officers knew more of Hercules than of the other name,
tho. both are equal. heathenish, but prob. the sound was not unlike.
He was b. 1618; but how entit. mercer, when only a minor, provokes
inq. My conject. is, that his elder br. Edward, deserv. that descript.
and came in that ship, but it was undesirable to give his name and
excite suspic. that he was not authoriz. under the odious orders of the
counc. to come to our counry. Mr. Coffin wh. says his w. Elizabeth d. 17
Dec. 1677, gives no ch. He was made freem. 17 May 1637, was lieut.
1670, rep. 1674 and 5, m. sec. w. 13 Nov. 1678, Dorothy Chapman,
and d. 7 Oct. 1702. ARCHELAUS, Newbury, s. of Edward the sec. by
w. Hannah had Mary, b. 26 Feb. 1696; Edward, 12 May 1698; and
Archelaus, 15 May 1700; perhaps more. EDWARD, Newbury, elder
br. of Archelaus, came, says Coffin, with him, bring. w. and s. Edward
b. 1628, and John; had here Joshua, the first Eng. male ch. of the
town, b. 1636 or 7; Sarah, 12 Jan. 1642; Jonathan, 5 Nov. 1643;
Ruth, 28 Mar. 1646; and, Coffin adds, perhaps others; was freem. 25
May 1636, rep. Sept. foll. and 7, and sev. yrs. later. His wid. or w.
Joanna is ment. 9 Nov. 1653 in the rec. but the time of his d. is not
ment. EDWARD, Newbury, s. of the preced. b. in Eng. m. 20 Dec.
1653, Mary Goodridge, d. prob. of William of the same, had Mary, b.
29 Sept. 1654; Elizabeth 11 July 1656, d. young; Edward, 1658, d. young;