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Volume 4, Page 590

was freem. 25 May 1636, dept.-marshall, and prison-keep. 1642, d. 1646
and the Gen. Ct. wsas hardly able to persuade his wid. that she must not
always liv. at the pub. build. WILLIAM, Lynn, m. 26 Oct. 1663, Priscilla,
perhaps d. of Oliver Purchase, had William, b. 28 Aug. 1664;
Priscilla, 28 Mar. 1666; Oliver, 9 Feb. 1668; and Sarah, 5 June
1670; and his w. d. 21 Oct. 1671, unless the d. ment. on the rec. be of
his ch. instead of his w. Of this name Farmer found forty-five had
been gr. 1829 at N. J. and N. E. coll. of wh. I find ten at Harv. two at
Dart. and one at Yale.

among orig. proprs. 1637, of wh. I can learn nothing but that he had
good est. large tanworks, and no ch. m. perhaps as sec. w. a. 1663, Bennet,
of Thomas Stanley, wh. d. early in 1665, and he had ano. w.
, who outliv. him; made his will 17 July 1674, and d. soon aft.
Legacies to sev. distance relat. one of wh. was John Shepherd wh. call.
him uncle, and ano. was James Wolterton, s. of Matthew, describ. as of
Ipswich in Old. E. perhaps a neph. are ment. but most of his est. was
giv. to John Merrills, bec. he had adopt. him.

    WILTON, * DAVID, Dorchester 1632, freem. 11 June 1633, rem. with
the gr. migrat. to Windsor 1635 or 6, was rep. 1646, 7, 50-4, 6, rem.
1660 to Northampton, and was one of the pillars at the foundat. of the
ch. 18 June next yr. and rep. to Boston 1665, ens. 1662, in 1663 was
lieut. and serv. in Philip's war, d. at Windsor, on a visit, 5 Feb. 1678.
His only ch. Mary m. 6 May 1652, that brave capt. Samuel Marshall,
wh. fell in the gr. Narraganset fight, 19 Dec. 1675, and her f. in his will
gave est. to her and her childr. with his wid. Catharine, wh. m. 6 May
1679, Thomas Hosmer. NICOHOLAS, Windsor, br. of the preced. m. 20
Nov. 1656, Mary Staniford, had David, b. 13 Jan. 1661; and John, 8
Aug. 1664; of neither of wh. is any thing kn. He and his w. d. 4
Aug. 1683.

    WINBOURNE or WENBORN, JOHN, Manchaster, a preacher 1686 and
earlier, but was gone in 1689. He had m. 11 Apr. 1667, Elizabeth Hart at
Malden, but prob. did not reside there; nor is it kn. where or whence
he came, or whither he went. Possib. he was s. of William Wenbourne
of Boston. See that.

    WINCH, JOHN, Framingham, s. of Samuel, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth b.
21 Dec. 1706; John, 10 July 1710; David, 9 Dec. 1714; Jonathan, 3
July 1716; Deborah, 27 Dec. 1717; and d. 19 Jan. 1719. SAMUEL,
Framingham, had been of Sudbury 1671, m. 11 Feb. 1674, Hannah, d.
of Matthew Gibbs of Sudbury, had John, b. 1675, d. young; Samuel,
27 Mar. 1677; John, again, 8 Jan. 1680; David, 15 Mar. 1684;
Hannah, 16 Jan. 1688; Silence, 10 Nov. 1690; and by sec. w. m. 12