Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p551


Volume 4, Page 551

1633, kept the ferry over Neponset, 1638, and for certainty that he was
inhab. of D. in 1641, we may see his signat. to donat. of right in
Thompson's isl. with most, if not all, other proprs. to the town, for support
of free sch. forever. In his latter yrs. was tenant of Gov. Bellingham's
farm at Lynn, where his ho. was burn. 1664, near Salem. He d.
1 Jan. 1702, aged 91. In his name is sometimes seen the addit. on in
the rec. JOHN, Salem, had w. Mary, and ch. Elizabeth John, Mary, and
Abigail, all under age, when his w. adminx. render inv. of his little
prop. 24 June 1672. JOHN, Boston, the freem. of 1673, may be the
person, wh. Babson, 84, says, came from Wilts, had Abigail, b. 1676,
wh. m. 30 July 1696, Benjamin Ellery. RICHARD, Boston, freem.
1690. He is the man nominat. for postmaster, aft. the overthrow of
Andros; but in 1685 was a bookseller, from Limerick. Of him we
learn from the agreeable book of John Dunton, wh. in his visit to Mass.
saw much of all the appertain. in any way to his trade. In Thomas's
Hist. of Print. II. 412, he is noticed, and he d. at Milton, 10 Dec. 1704,
aged 80. THOMAS, Topsfield, m. May 1667, Hannah, d. of William
Nichols, but no issue is kn. WILLIAM, Gravesend, L. I. favor. the
Jurisdict. of Conn. 1664, with James Hubbard, appoint. in a commissn.
Of this name Farmer counts gr. in 1834, four at Yale, three at Harv.
and two at other N. E. coll.

    WILKINSON, often WILKESON, EDWARD, Milford, m. 2 July 1672,
Rebecca, d. of Henry Smith of Stamford, had Elizabeth aged 24; Rebecca,
22; Edward, 19; Ruth, 16; Hannah, 13; Abigail, 11; Samuel, 8;
John, 6; and Thankful, less than 2; at the giv. of the inv. 21 Mar.
1698. HENRY, Ipswich, is prob. the tallow chandler, emb. at London,
early in May 1635, aged 25, in the Elizabeth and Ann, but all else is
unkn. JOHN, Malden, by a wid. Prudence W. who was of Charlestown
1635, in her will of 1655, pro. July in that yr. call. her only s. and she
names no other person but John Bucknam, wh. had been tak. by
her from inf. as in the will of his f. is explain. and d. Elizabeth w. prob. of
George felt. He d. 12 Dec. 1675, hav. fam. I judge from seeing the
summons to John, prob. his s. in 1674, to come up to take o. of fidel.
JOHN, constable of Scarborough 1640. JOHN, Providence, s. perhaps
youngest, of Lawrence, by w. Deborah, m. 16 Apr. 1689, had John, b.
Mar. 1690; Mercy, 30 June 1694; Sarah, 22 June 1696; Freelove, 25
July 1701; Daniel, 8 June 1703; and Jeremiah, 4 June 1707. This
last was ancest. of the disting. prophetees Jemima Wilkinson. His
eldest s. m. Rebecca, d. of the sec. Richard Scott. JOSEPH, propound.
for freem. 1667, in Conn. as Trumbull, Col. Rec. II. 60, shows; yet
the name is not seen on the list of 1669, and he may have gone to
Providence to take engagem. of alleg. 1668 to Charels II. JOSIAH,