Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p545


Volume 4, Page 545

wretched victims of the civil war, either that importa. of 1652, of wh.
large acco. is seen in Geneal. Reg. I. 377-80, show. the names of most
of a shipload, 272, sold from the shambles the yr. preced. being the yr.
after the fatal field of Worcester; tho. it may have been his fortune to
have experience of the tender mercies of Cromwell after his victory of
Dunbar in the preced. yr. Whether the Dunbar invoice contain the
names of as many young men as the Worcester, or more, or less, is
unkn. but it is an object of high interest to find that one, out of a hundred,
outliv. by four or five yrs. their cruel banishment and servitude.
SAMUEL, Portsmouth, R. I. or Newport, eldest s. of the preced. m. a d.
of John Porter, is nam. as one of the patentees of the royal charter of
1663; in his will of 1678, are nam. John, the only s.; Elizabeth who m.
Morris Freelove; Mary, wh. is thot. to have m. Samuel Forman; Rebecca,
the youngest d. who had m. as Mr. Potter thinks, Samuel Browning;
gr.s. Latham Clark, from wh. it is presum. that ano. d. had m. his
f. of the same name; gr.s. Samuel Arnold, from wh. it may seem that
ano. d. Hannah, had m. Caleb Arnold; Ann, d. of Joseph Wilbor; and
Samuel, s. of Shadrach Wilbor, his brs. sis. Sarah Shearman, wh. is
unkn. to me; cousin, i. e. neph. William Wilbor, sen. perhaps s. of his
br. William, or his br. Joseph; or of his br. Shadrach (for it is only
certain by the addit. sen. that there was ano. William); and Francis
Gisborne, to ea. of wh. he devis. lds. and the residue to his w. Hannah,
perhaps d. of the first John Porter. SHADRACH, Taunton, younger br.
of the preced. gain. all the lds. in T. that had been his f's. acc. his will,
was more than 35 yrs. town clk. of T. oppos. the governm. of Sir.
Edmund Andros, for wh. tho. agent of the town, he was sent to prison
in Boston, 30 Aug. 1687. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. VII. 190. We
may suppose that he suffer, not long; and regret most the loss by fire, a
few yrs. since, of most of the evid. of his long offic. serv. Baylies, IV.
81, commends the chirogra. Prob. he had other ch. beside Samuel, b.
1 Apr. 1663, rememb. in the will of his uncle Samuel; as Mary, 18
Mar. 1662, wh. d. under 13 yrs.; Rebecca, 13 Jan. 1665; Hannah, 24
Feb. 1668, d. at 7 yrs.; Joseph, 27 July 1670; Shadrach, 5 Dec.
1672; John, 2 Mar. 1675; Eliezer, 1 July 1677; Benjamin, 23 July
1683. WILLIAM, Portsmouth, R. I. br. prob. of Joseph, had Martha,
wh. m. 12 May 1681, William Shearman of Marshfield; and perhaps
other ch. and d. prob. bef. 1678. WILLIAM, Portsmouth, R. I. call. sen.
in the will of his uncle Samuel,may have been s. of the preced. or of
Joseph, or Shadrach, as the will calls him caus. had Thomas, and
perhaps others. Farmer thot. this fam. name the orig. of Wilbur in
our days.

    WILBORNE, MICHAEL, Boston, m. 17 Oct. 1656, Mary, as in the