Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p544


Volume 4, Page 544

    WIGLEY, EDWARD, Concord 1666.

    WIGNALL, ALEXANDER, is the name of one who ask. 19 Oct. 1630,
to be adm. as freem. of Mass. and took the o. on 18 May foll. in both
the lists hav. prefix of respect to show that he was either a scholar, or a
man of property; yet so brief was his sojourn in our country, that we
find not the place, where he sat down. Slight conject. may be rais.
from the circumstance of his standing in ea. roll next above capt.
William Jennison, that he was assoc. with the gent. but at Watertown
he does not appear, and the safest opin. is, that he came in the fleet with
Winthrop, and that he went home soon. Frothingham, 80, names John
Wignall of Charlestown in 1630, and he may be the same person.

    WIK, WILLIAM, is a name sign. with very many others of Marblehead
to a petitn. Oct. 1668, against the duties on imported goods.
Whether it be correct. spell. may be doubt. but not that it is extinct.

JOHN, South Kingstown, s. of the sec. Samuel, d. 1685. JOSEPH,
Taunton, s. of Samuel of the same, m. Mehitable, d. of John Deane of
the same, and had Ann, certain. as nam. in the will of her uncle
Samuel, and perhaps other ch. In Col. Rec. we read that his w. Elizabeth
d. 9 Nov. 1670, but he had by ano. w. a d. Ann 7 May 1672. SAMUEL,
Boston, with w. Ann, who was d. of Thomas Bradford of Doncaster in
the S. part of Co. York, as in his will of 1 Mar. 1607 is shown, adm.
of our ch. 1 Dec. 1633, had no doubt, brot. his ch. Samuel, Joseph, and
Shadrach from Eng. and prob. had not any ch. b. on our side of the
water, unless we might see cause to give him a William. When his w.
d. is not seen, but a sec. w. Elizabeth was rec. into the ch. 29 Nov. 1645.
But long bef. he had fall. in sympathy with the major pt. of his fellowworshipp.
under the danger. doctrines of Cotton and Wheelwright, so
that the body of the peop. at other places in the Col. deem. it necess.
to disarm them in Nov. 1637, when his charact. stood high eno. to serve
on the gr. jury two mos. earlier, and in Mar. foll. he was banish.
With Coddington, and seventeen others, among the best men of Boston,
then purchas. Aquedneck or Rhode Island, he form. a corpo. by solemn
compact, 7 Mar. 1638, and was held in high esteem there many yrs.
so that tho. he had rem. to Tauton, his name as sen. and Samuel jr.
was ea. retain. on the list of freem. 1655. He had wisdom eno. to hold
on by his est. at Portsmouth, on R. I. as Taunton, and at Boston, to wh.
place the came again to live bef. mak. his will 30 Apr. 1656, pro. 6 Nov.
foll. See Geneal. Reg. VI. 20. It made w. Elizabeth and s. Shadrach,
excors. A note on the p. says he d. 29 Sept. In that will is giv. to
his youngest s. Shadrach the time of serv. of a Scotchman John Mockliet,
as there spell. perhaps John Maclude or McCloud, one of the