Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p540

Volume 4, Page 540

have been Abigail, and Dorothy; and d. 9 Jan. 1710. JAMES, Dover
or Hampton, perhaps younger br. of the preced. may have d. unm. at
least nothing is told of him, nor is the story larger a. JOHN, a youth of
15 yrs. passeng. in the Speedwell from London to Boston 1656.
* THOMAS, Dover, one of the earliest mem. of governm. there, 1631,
went home next yr. and show, regard for Mass. in a letter of Aug. to
Emanuel Downing, and Nov. to Sir John Cooke, wh. are print. in 3
Mass. Hist. Coll. VIII. came back in Oct. 1633, with agency of the
puritan peers. Say and Brooke, prob. bring. w. Catharine, by wh. he
had Andrew, b. 1635; Mary; and Thomas; all bapt. 20 Sept. 1641,
and prob. others, as Henry Sherborne is said to have m. his d. Sarah.
He favor. the union of the N. H. people with Mass. was rep. 1645 for
Hampton, and 1650 chos. an Assist. in wh. office he contin, serv. till
three yrs. bef. his d. 1667. In the artifices for support of the spurious
deed of the large part of N. H. 17 May 1629, Wiggin's name is used
with Walter Neale's in a forged letter of 13 Aug. 1633, print. in Belkn.
N. H. Vol. I. of first Ed. in Appendix 6, with the valua. letter of Cotton
Mather, in aid of the cause, whether with his eyes open, or only
winking, may be disput. The docum. is self-destruct. inasmuch as
Wiggin was agent of the party in Eng. oppos. in interest to Mason,
whose agent was Neal, but far more open to object. by one inquir. only
after the truth, as purport. to be writ. by them at Dover, call. Northam
in the trickery, when Neale had one week bef. sail. for Eng. from Boston,
and Wiggin was in Eng. embarking at Gravesend in the James for
Salem, where he arr. 10 Oct. after eight weeks' pass. See Winthrop Hist.
I. 115. THOMAS, s. of the preced. may have liv. at Hampton or Exeter,
was freem. of Mass. 1669, but very little is kn. of him exc. that his
w. was Sarah, sis. of capt. Walter Barefoot, yet in 1690 he was one of
the many petnrs. for the renewal of Mass. jurisdict. against wh. Barefoot
had act. and ch. were Thomas, Sarah, and Susanna.

    WIGGLESWORTH, EDWARD, New Haven 1638, had come in Aug. of
that yr. to Mass. brot. w. Esther, perhaps sis. of Rev. John Rayner,
and s. Michael, b. in Eng. 28 Oct. 1631, and taught his rudiments by
famous Ezekiel Cheever, H. C. 1651, had there, Abigail, bapt. Dec.
prob. 13, 1640, was a man of good repute, and comfortab. est. d. 1 Oct.
1653. Of his last sickness he gave acco. stat. his age 49, in a letter to
John Winthrop, 18 July bef. his d. wh. may be read in 3 Mass. Hist.
Coll. IX. 296, 7. In his will made six days bef. that let. he names
only ch. Michael, and Abigail, to wh. he gives L160. and L80. severally,
but directs that her share be paya. at 20 yrs. of age, and all the resid.
to w. Esther, wh. tho. constit. extrix. was, with her d. commit. to the s.
then resid. at Cambridge, studying for his profess. and an officer of the