Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p535


Volume 4, Page 535

subtract. They were of Stanstead Abbey in Co. Herts, had prop.
suffic. and no ch. so that he gave all his est. to the free sch. all generat.
foll. of R. bless his name therefor. NATHANIEL, Malden, s. of Thomas,
b. prob. in Eng. m. a. d. it is said, of deac. John Upham, tho. I doubt, as
the name is giv. Mary, who was w. of his br. John; yet by w. Mary
had Mary, b. 26 Apr 1668; Nathaniel, 26 Sept. 1670; and Rebecca;
d. at 35 yrs. and by his will of 22 Oct. 1671, pro. 19 Dec. foll. made w.
extrix. She m. 3 May 1673, John Mirable. NATHANIEL, Malden, s.
of the first John, had Elizabeth b. 24 Aug. 1696. PELATIAH, Malden, s.
of the first John, m. 14 Nov. 1706, Margery, d. of William Pepperell of
, sis. of Sir William, had Pelatiah, b. 20 Jan. 1708; William,
10 Mar. 1710; Mary, 2 Nov. 1712; Margery, d. soon; and Joel, 15
Dec. 1716; and d. 21 Oct. 1724, lost near the Isle of Shoals. All the
four surv. ch. are nam. in the will of the conqueror of Louisburg.
SAMUEL, Charlestown, s. of Thomas the first, by w. Hannah had
Samuel, b. 24 Dec. 1672, d. at 20 yrs.; Hannah, 16 Dec. 1676; Elizabeth 17
June 1679; Sarah, 16 Jan. 1682; and Mary, 9 Sept. 1684; all bapt. 5 June
1687, with the mo. also, than aged 30 yrs.; Abigail, 31 Jan. bapt. 8
Apr. foll.; Susanna, 17 Oct. bapt. 10 Dec. 1693; and d. 15 Sept. 1726,
aged a. 75 yrs. and his wid. d. May 1728, aged a. 76, as Harris (Cambridge)
Epit. teaches. THOMAS, Charlestown, d. 25 May 1661, hav.
made his will 8 Feb. preced. in wh. he names w. Hannah, eldest s.
, then in Eng. if alive. Daniel, b. 31 July 1633; Nathaniel,
bapt. 1 May 1636; John, 11 Feb. 1638; and Elizabeth perhaps b. in our
country, 1641; beside five other minor ch. Benjamin, 1643; Thomas,
1645; Samuel, 1647; Pelatiah, 1650; and Abraham, 1655 or 6. Why he call,
two s. Thomas might, by conject. he explain, as if the last five were b. by
the sec. w. sure. and the first five were by w. Sarah, wh. d. in Eng. and for
the boys the opinion would answer better than for the d. Yet perhaps
few, if any of the ten, were b. in this country; at least, he is not found
among inhabs. of C. in 1658; tho. he may have liv. in some other town
of Mass. at that day, as he did few yrs. bef. at Reading. Two ws. were
nam. Sarah, and to the third, Hannah, bef. embarc. four ch. are assign.
by tradit. wh. says, that six were b. on our side of the sea. The wid. m.
3 June 1663, Benjamin Butterfield of Chelmsford. THOMAS, Woburn,
perhaps s. of the preced. m. 9 Nov. 1666, Elizabeth Pierce, d. prob. of
Thomas, of the same, had Joseph, b. 14 Aug. 1667; and d. I think, in
Mar. 1670, for 5 Apr. of that yr. his w. Elizabeth had admin. She m. 15
Oct. 1670, Hopestill Foster of Boston. THOMAS, Malden, s. of the
first John, m. wid. Mary Pease, had Thomas, b. 18 Mar. 1694; and
Martha, 17 Apr. 1709.

    WHITTIER or WHITYEARE, ABRAHAM, Manchaster, had Edward
and John by first w. and others Isaac and Abraham by a sec. w. as in
his will of 6 Aug. 1674, nuncup. in his last sickn. is seen, Essex Inst.
II. 128. Edward had admin. but d. too soon aft. to permit him to act.