Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p53


Volume 4, Page 53

Suffield, there had Mary, 14 July I681; and Joseph, 26 Oct. 1682; rem.
to Deerfield, where Abigail d. 1691, and Daniel was k. by the Ind.1694;
and he rem. to Bedford bef. 1709, giv. his D. lds. to s. Joseph.

    SEWALL or SEWELL, or SEAWELL, EDWARD, Salem, m. 3
July 1671, Sarah Hale, had Elizabeth b. 27 June foll.; and Edward, 14
July 1674; prob. rem. to Exeter 1677, d. 1684. HENRY, Newbury
1635, had liv. 1623 at Manchester, Eng. it is said, also that he was
eldest s. of Henry, Mayor of Coventry, and bapt. 8 Apr. 1576. His
w. Coffin calls Ann Hunt, but in Col. rec. her name is Ellen, and his
only ch. was Henry, old eno. to be sent over a yr. bef. his f. but perhaps
he was s. of an earlier w. than this brot. from Eng. No doubt the
s. would better have been pleas. had the f. contin. at home, for he was
dissatisf. with every body and thing, soon separat. from his w. disturb.
the ch. of Ipswich bef. he mov. to N. thence he rem. to Rowley, there
d. 1657, more than 80 yrs. old. That he was insane, is the natur. conclusion,
and the acts of governm. were injudic. See Col. Rec. I. 163,
233, and 286, beside the full relat. in Coffin, 61. HENRY, Newbury,
only s. of the preced. came, at the age of 20, in the Elizabeth Dorcas,
1634, was first at Ipswich, but with early sett. went to N. next yr.; m.
25 Mar. 1646, Jane, eldest ch. of Stephen Dummer, had gone home
with f. and mo. of his w. and resid. short time at Warwick, next at Tunworth,
4 miles from Basingstoke, in Hants, where was b. his first ch.
Hannah, 10 May 1649, and near B. had Samuel, 28 Mar. 1652, bapt.
there 4 May foll. H. C. 1671, the venerab. Ch. J. Bef. the rite was
solemniz. Rashley, wh. had, a doz. yrs. earlier, been a memb. of our
Boston ch. preach. a sermon, tho. it was on a Tuesday, as in his autobiog.
the Judge delights to tell. Rem. to Baddesly, in the same shire, a. 4
miles from Rumsey, he had John, 10 Oct. 1654, bapt. Wednesday,
22 Nov. foll.; Stephen, 10 or 19 Aug. 1657; and Jane, 25 Oct. 1659. He
had, however, made ano. voyage to N. E. to look aft. his f. and bef. the
b. of this last nam. ch. came on his third visit, and next yr. sent for his
fam. The w. with her five ch. land. at Boston, July 1661, aft. six wks.
pass. in the Prudent Mary, capt. Woodgreen, and all were carr. five
days aft. to N. There he had Ann, 3 Sept. 1662; Mehitable, 8 May
1665; and Dorothy, 29 Oct. 1668. He was a min. in Eng. but I do
not so mark. him, for he never officiat. here; but a let. to our Gov. from
the Lord Protecter; Richard, the wiser son of Oliver, during his brief
exalta. 23 Mar. 1659, fully proves it; and grow. from personal acquaint.
it is well worth perus. in Hutch. I. appx. xii. He d. 16 May 1700, and
his wid. d. 13 Jan. foll. Near all that have borne the name in our land
are descend. Hannah m. 24 Aug. 1670, Jacob Toppan, and d. 12 Nov.
1699; Jane m. 24 Sept. 1677, Moses Gerrish, and d. 29 Jan. 1717;
Ann m. 10 Nov. 1678, William Longfellow, and next, Henry Short, had
both Longfellows and Shorts; Mehitable m. 13 Nov. 1684, William