Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p525


Volume 4, Page 525

Newton, may have had s. Joseph, bef. ment. He d. 25 Apr. 1666;
outliv. if he had any ch. as, by his will of 24 Apr. 1666, he gave his
est. at M. after life of his w. Sarah, to his neph. Zecharaiah, to George
Clark and John Stream, ea. L20. His wid. d. 2 Jan. 1671. ZECHARIAH,
Hull, youngest s. of John the first, was ord. 13 Sept. 1670, the only min.
wh. ever contin. to reside at H. for life, soon after m. Sarah, d. of John
, by the contr. of m. bind. to Richard Russell, and Samuel Alcock,
physician, her uncle, the est. at Milford, left him by his uncle, and
his own at H. had Zechariah; John; and Samuel, H. C. 1696, wh.
three yrs. later kept the gr.sch. at Salem, and bec. min. at Farmington,
beside Joanna, Sarah, and Mary; was freem. 1673; and d. 5 Nov.
1726. Farmer notes as gr. in 1834, twelve at Harv. five at Yale, and
nine at other N. E. coll.

    WHITMARSH, EBENEZER, Weymouth, s. of John of the same, by w.
Christian had Ebenezer, b. 26 Dec. 1683, prob. d. soon; Richard, 10
July 1685; Ebenezer, again, 10 Mar. 1688; and Ruth, 18 Mar. 1691.
EZRA. Weymouth, br. perhaps of the preced. by w. Bathsheba had
Sarah, b. 9 Nov. 1689, d. soon; and Sarah, again, 19 Oct. 1694.
JOHN, Weymouth, by w. Sarah and Increase, b. 1655, says Farmer, but
that is earlier than our rec.; Ebenezer, 14 May 1658, Simon, 11 May
1661; a ch. whose name is lost on the rec. 14 Aug. 1663; Zechariah, 1
Sept. 1667; Judith, 2 Sept. 1669; Ezra, 13 Oct. 1670; and Jane, 8
Sept. 1675; was freem. 1691, unless this means his s. as seems more
prob. His will of 1695 does not name Increase, nor Simon, nor Jane,
but to the other ch. adds John, Sarah, Deborah, and Ruth, and gr.s.
Richard. Prob. his w. was d. as she is not nam. The will was not pro.
bef. 1709. Judith m. Joseph Shaw. JOHN, Weymouth, s. of the
prob. eldest, serv. in Philip's war in Johnson's comp. in the
"direful swamp fight,"
19 Dec. 1675. NICHOLAS, Weymouth, br. perhaps
of the first John, by w. Hannah had Hannah, b. 25 Mar. 1661;
Jane, 8 Apr. 1664; Samuel, 27 Oct. 1665; Susanna, 18 Jan. 1668;
Sarah, 26 Nov. 1669; and Nicholas, 21 Aug. 1673; was freem. 1681;
NICHOLAS, Weymouth, s. prob. of the preced. by w. Mary had Nicholas,
b. 20 Mar. 1699. SAMUEL, Weymouth, br. of the preced. by w.
Hannah had Hannah, b. 27 Dec. 1691; Susanna, 11 Feb. 1695;
David, 13 Oct. 1696; and Mary, 20 Feb. 1698. SIMEON, Weymouth,
perhaps br. of the first John and Nicholas, by w. Sarah had James, b. 8
Feb. 1669; Elizabeth 15 Feb. 1671; Mary, 12 June 1674; and possib. by
w. Elizabeth had Alice, 14 Nov. 1695; at least the rec. gives such w. and
ch. to one Simeon, but it may be mistake for the next. SIMON, Weymouth,
s. of the first John, may, perhaps, legally claim the w. and ch.
last ascrib. to Simeon, for, by his will of 1708, he names w. Elizabeth and