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Volume 4, Page 439

could tell no more. JAMES, Marblehead 1668. JEREMIAH, Salem
1678-80. LAWRENCE, New Haven, d. in 1643, prob. without w. or ch.
RICHARD, Hartford, one of the first sett. tho. not orig. purch. liv. on the
S. side of the riv. bef. 1640; was f. of William and Thomas. He had
also ds. Elizabeth wh. m. George Hubbard of Middletown; and Eleanor, wh.
m. 23 Dec. 1647, Nathaniel Brown. His wid. Elizabeth d. in H. 1666, was
sec. w. made her will in Feb. of that yr. and her h. had been d. some
nine yrs. or more. SAMUEL, Haverhill, sw. alleg. 1677, was liv. 1690.
SAMUEL, Boston, tr. as a pirate, Jan. 1690. THOMAS, Hartford, s. of
Richard, call. serg. in the list of freem. 1669, grew to be ens. 1673, lieut.
in 1675 bef. the war, and capt. in the same yr. aft. the hostil. and head.
his comp. in the desperate Narraganset fight 19 Dec. 1675, as told in
Niles's hist. and seventeen of his comp. were that day k. or wound. was
in good repute, certain. 1677, when once more he was put at the head of
forces to go up the riv. He m. 1 May 1645, Elizabeth d. of George Steele,
had no ch. made his will, 6 Aug. 1683, had very good est. of wh. the
use of all to w. dur. life, and made judicious dispos. aft. The wid. d. 25
Feb. 1685, and gave her est. to her br. James Steele and his four ds.
and other relat. WILLIAM, Hartford, is by Porter rank. among first
sett. yet not orig. prop. bef. 1641, was s. of Richard, certain. not among
freem. 1669; but he had gone home, and d. bef. 1668, in Eng.

    WAUGH, DOROTHY, Boston, a Quaker, came in the Speedwell from
London 1656, aged 20, arr. 27 July, and prob. was soon rem. to a better
place to diffuse her light in.

    WAY, AARON, Dorchester, freem. 1651, may have been s. of Henry
the first
, m. prob. Joan, d. of William Summer, had Susanna, bapt. 1
Apr. 1660, "being a. 2 or 3 mos. old at this time, but not bapt. till now,
being b. at the farm," an no doubt sev. more, certain. Aaron and William,
perhaps both aft. his rem. in that yr. to join the sec. ch. of Boston,
with his w. AARON, Salem, perhaps s. of the preced. freem. 1690, was
one of the body of worshippers wh. in Apr. 1693 began the three yrs.
labor of compele. the withdraw. of their pastor, unhappy Samuel Paris,
for his sad activ. in the delusion of witchcraft, that caused the death of
so many of his flock. See Calef, Salem Ed. 123; and 3 Mass. Hist.
Coll. III. 169, where is most valua. copy from the rec. of the ch. of the
pastor hims. made by Mr Felt, where we must regret what is not a
common subj. of compl. that his extr. are too brief. EBENEZER, Hartford,
s. prob. of Eliezer, had w. Irene, and I kn. no more of him.
ELIEZER, Hartford 1666, had suit in Mass. as early as 1657, against
Thomas Purchase of Kennebeck. See our Col. Rec. IV. p. 334. He
was propound. for freem. May 1669, had good est. at H. for we learn
form the very curious addr. of Mr. Day on the Wadsworth Athenaeum,