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Volume 4, Page 425

uncle. A third w. Elizabeth brought him Abigail, 10 May 1676; and John,
posthum. 10 Feb. 1678. He may have been the freem. of 1670, and d.
in July 1677, mak. his will 10, wh. was pro. 31 of that mo. and his wid.
4 Oct. 1681, bec. sec. w. of Samuel Lendall, by contr. of that date, in
wh. he provid. good portion for her, as did also her third h. John Hayward,
the Not. Pub. to wh. 1685, wh. bec. sec. w. and for her fourth h.
she had a rich man, Phineas Wilson of Hartford. Neither of the last
three hs. had by her any ch. He seems to have had small est. and in
his will is nothing of interest exc. the gift to his s. Joshua, "my engine
with wh. I cut tabacco." JOHN, Ipswich 1670, may have been the man
at Salem long aft. wh. was a spinner, and in 1685 had loan from the
town treas. of £5. to pay his work people. See Felt, Ann. II. 159.
JOHN, Watertown, s. of the first Daniel, m. 22 May 1683, Mary, d. of
Jonathan Brown of the same, had John, b. 15 Mar. 1685; Jonathan, 26,
bapt. 29 Apr. 1688; and Daniel, bapt. 1 Sept. 1689; was ens. freem.
1690, and d. 11 July 1703. His wid. n. 14 Mar. 1704, Samuel Harrington.
JOHN, Watertown, s. of John sec. m. Abigail, d. of John
, had John, b. 3. Apr. 1701; Sarah, 20 Sept. 1702; Samuel, 18
Mar. 1704; Thomas, 11 Mar. 1706; and David, 22 June 1708. His w.
d. 19 July 1710, and he m. 14 May 1711, Lydia, d. of Nathaniel Fiske,
had Benjamin, 4 Apr. 1715; David, 8 Jan. 1717; Abigail, 28 Oct.
1719; Lucy, 26 Oct. 1721; William, 21 Oct. 1723, d. at 15 yrs.; and
John, bapt. 1725. He d. next yr. and his wid. m. 17 June 1730, Benjamin
Harrington. JOSEPH, Plymouth, s. of Richard, but not eldest in
my judgm. tho. so call. in the Warren Genal. that may hav unconsciously
been influenc. by the baptismal designat. was not brot. by his
mo. from Eng. m. a. 1651, Priscilla, sis. of the famous rul. elder Thomas
, whose f. had been fellow-passeng. with his mo. was held in gr.
esteem 1677, rep. by ann. elect. 1681-6, and d. 1689. His wid. d. 1707.
Of his ch. it will be very hard to find exact dates of b. but the order is
confident. trusted; Mercy, b. 23 Sept. 1653; Abigail, 15 Mar. 1655, d.
young; Joseph, 8 Jan. 1657; Patience, 15 Mar. 1660; Elizabeth 15 Aug.
1662; and Benjamin, 8 Jan. 1670. Mercy m. Winsor says, 1674, or 5
Feb. 1675, as the Bradford Geneal. has it, John Bradford, liv. with him
near 62 yrs. and d. Mar. 1747. Patience m. 1686, Samuel Lewis, as
the name seems prob. to be read, and Elizabeth m. 19 Jan. 1688, Josiah
Phinney. It is observ. that his male descend. since the fourth generat.
are confin. to those of his Benjamin. Joseph, Plymouth, eldest
s. of the preced. m. 1692, Mehitable Wilder, had Joseph, b. 1694; and
Priscilla, 1696; and he d. the same yr. JOSEPH, Roxbury, housewright,
sec. s. of Peter of Boston, m. Deborah, d. of Samuel Williams of Roxbury,
had Samuel, b. 13 Aug. 1694, d. in few days; Joseph, 2 Feb.