Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p42


Volume 4, Page 42

found. of a Bapt. ch. there 1682, in wh. he was a teacher, but aft. some
yrs. went to South Carolina, and d. 1713, aged, as is said, 84.

    SCROOP, ADRIAN, Hartford, witness to execut. of a deed of 31 Mar.
1665, and, again, 8 May 1667 sign. as witness, his name, in a very elegant
hand, to deed of Simon Wolcott to Richard Loud of three parcels of ld.
wh. was put on rec. 3 days aft. yet no more is ever told of him. Curiosity
to a high pitch naturally is felt on two points in this case, when
did he come to our country, and what did he do aft. sign. that rare
name. One Adrian Scrope, we kn. had been execut. in London, 17
Oct. 1660, for hav. sat on the pretend. trial of k. Charles I. and sign.
the warrant for his d. In Noble's Regicides the rep. of his trial is very
full, much more than most of the others. Strong prob. from union of
such giv. name and surname arises, that this man was s. or near relat. of
the regicide; and Dr. Stiles, in the latter part of his extraord. book
relative to the three judges, that found shelter at New Haven, appeals to
proof from hd. writ. in the fac-simile of the death warrant of Charles and
the rec. of this deed at Hartford, for, strange as it seems, the attestation
of the deed is by the witnesses on the rec. itself as well as on the docum.
The Doctor's eye saw more than mine, and he appears almost satisf. with
the identity of the writing, as if Col. Scrope were in person at H. six
yrs. and a half aft. his head was cut off. Between 29 Jan. 1649, when
he affix. his hd. and seal to that writ, order. the subord. officer. at such an
hour next day to put the k. to d. and this Hartford act 8 Mar. 1667, I
would not affirm, that Col. Scrope's writing could not vary much, had not
the solemn execution of the 17 Oct. 1660 interven. Stiles was a man
of wonderful capacity of belief, and the estimate of his judgment in
this matter is reduced by a mistake of the name of the other witness in
this very docum. writ. Reeve, but by the President made Robert Pierce.
Beside, the differece of names between the London sufferer, wh. used
but one o, and our Hartford witness that doubled the letter, is not ment.

    SCRUGGS, THOMAS, Salem, came with the few companions of Endicott
in the Abigail, 1628, says Felt, yet this relies solely on tradit. and
might seem to early, for he did not take o. of freem until 2 Sept 1635;
but he was esteem. eno. to be chos. to three Gen. Cts. next yr. also
authoriz. with others to hold special Ct. for the vicinage, and was a
selectman. But for his heretic. pravity he was next yr. supersed. and
in Nov. disarm. as a danger. man, like the majority of Boston ch.
I suppose he had w. Margery, and that he d. early in 1652; and that
Felt mistook his name as if it were William; and that, as the wid. gave
up to her s.-in-law John Raymond in June 1652 her est. in dower, she
may have gone home, or perhaps was the woman that d. 26 Jan. 1663.
See Hist. Coll. of Essex Inst. I. 11, comp. with III. 142.