Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p372


Volume 4, Page 372

appears Formais, and in my opin. is the same as that call. Hermayes in
Essex. Inst. II. 15. He was, I guess, s. of that wid. Alice V. of Salem,
whose d. Abigail was adm. of the ch. there 1640, and m. Edward Hutchinson,
aft. being wid of Robert Button of Boston. See the will of Alice
V. 8 Feb. 1656 in Geneal. Reg. VIII. 277, in wh. Hutchinson is nam.
Excor. but neither Benjamin nor Mark is found. She d. the next day.

    VERNON, DANIEL, Kingstown, R. I. m. Ann, wid. of a Dyer, prob.
William or Henry, and d. of the sec. Edward Hutchinson. In 1686 he
was appoint. marshall of the Narraganset region that had been injuriously
claim. by Conn. and was now call. the Kings's Province, but subject
to R. I. but he had been bef. town clk. and constable. FRANCIS,
Medfield, had gr. of 200 acres in 1658, was of Boston 1663, and sold in
1673 his est. at M.

    VERY, BENJAMIN, Salem, s. of Samuel the first of the same, m. Jemima,
d. of Joseph Newhall of Lynn, had Samuel. b. 1699; Ruth;
Joseph; Benjamin; all bapt. 1704; Jemima; Keziah; Ephraim; Isaac;
and Daniel. ISAAC, Salem, br. of the preced. of wh. nothing is kn. but
that he m. 1717, and his w. was Mary. JOHN, Salem, br. of the preced.
by w. Hannah had John, Hannah, Abigail, and Desire. JONATHAN,
Salem, br. of the preced. m. 1718, Mary, d. of James Symonds, had
Mary, Abigail, Elizabeth Martha, Bethia, and Jonathan. JOSEPH, Salem, br.
of the preced. d. bef. mid. age. Inv. of his prop. bears date 23 May
1694. SAMUEL, Salem, s. of Bridget, a wid. wh came from Eng. where
he was b. a. 1619, by w. Alice, d. of John Woodis, Woodhouse, or
Woodice, had Samuel; Eliz; Sarah; Thomas; John, b. 1 May 1659;
all rememb. in the will of gr. f. W. in that yr.; Joseph, 25 June 1661,
d. at 2 yrs.; Isaac, 14 June 1663; Joseph, again. 13 Nov. 1664; Hannah,
22 Jan. 1667; Mary, 21 Mar. 1669; Benjamin; and Jonathan.
All the eleven liv. ch. are ment. with w. Hannah m. 1695, William
Beans; Mary, m. 1697, Jonathan Marsh; and Elizabeth and Sarah call. by
names of h. John Nurse and James Cook respective. His mo. the bapt.
name of whose first h. is unkn. m. Edward Giles, a. 1636, and in her
will after his d. made 14 Jan. 1669, pro. 30 Nov. 1680, gives her prop.
to two s. Samuel, and Thomas, to d. Mary, w. of Thomas Cutler, and to
her s. Eleazer Giles, bapt. 1640, and his br. John 1645. SAMUEL,
Salem, s. perhaps eldest of the preced. left two s. Samauel, b. 1683; and
John; with wid. Abigail, perhaps d. of John Woodin of Ipswich, to ret.
inv. of his est. 20 Sept. 1697. THOMAS, Gloucester. younger br. of the
first Samuel, b. in Eng. a. 1626, m. 6 July 1650, Hannah, d. of Thomas
Giles, had Ephraim, b. 1651; Hannah, 1653; Bridget, 1654; Thomas,
1656; Samuel, 16 June 1659; Abigail, 1661; Edward, 16 Jan. 1663;
Elizabeth 15 Feb. 1666; and Francis, 8 Feb. 1668; and d. 1694. Hannah