Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p369


Volume 4, Page 369

Bridget m. nathaniel Gerrish; Margaret m. --------- Chambers of Charlestown;
Abigail m. Richard Shannon; and Elizabeth m. ------------ Moulton.

    VAULSTONE or VALSTON, THOMAS, Providence 1645, was of Newport
among freem. 1655.

Watertown 1636, had Mary, or more prob. left that wid. whose
name is once spell. Fewzie and one Pheza, wh. m. 24 Sept. 1650,
George Packhurst the younger, as his sec. w. SOLOMON, Braintree, s.
of William of the same, m. 23 Nov. 1680, Elizabeth d. of Martin Saunders.
WILLIAM, Braintree, freem. 10 May 1643, call. Phese, was one of the
petitnrs. injuriously encourage. in 1645, by our governm. to settle on
Gorten's ls. m. 1644, Elinor d. of Rev. William Tompson, had Hannah,
b. 18 Mar. 1645; William, 6 Oct. 1647; Solomon, 11 May 1650; Elizabeth
13 Oct. 1653; Samuel, 24 Aug. 1656; Ellen, 4 May 1659; Abigail;
Mehitable, 17 Feb. 1666; and Mercy 20 Jan. 1670. He d. 16 June
1681; and his wid. m. John French as his sec. w. (under a contract
witness. by her bros. Samuel and Benjamin, 8 July 1683, of wh. the
details will repay the trouble of turn. to Geneal. Reg. XII. 353) and d.
23 Apr. 1711, aged 84. Hannah, m. 26 Feb. 1666, John Greenleaf;
Ellen m. 20 Feb. 1682, Stephen Paine; Abigail m. 25 Mar. 1680,
Thomas Thayer; Mehitable m. Josiah Fisher of Dedham, outliv. him
and d. 18 May 1741; and Mercy, m. 24 Apr. 1690, John Ruggles. His
will of 3 June, pro. 27 July foll. names w. and seven ch. I supposee
Rev. William, H. C. 1693, wh. took an A. M. at Oxford, and was
Episcop. ord. min. for New York; as also, John, H. C. 1700, whose d. 3
July 1707, is lament. by Seweall in his Diary, as of "a young hopeful
min." were gr. ch. of this William. WILLIAM, Braintree 1673, s. of the

    VENN, THOMAS, was s. of John, one of the orig. patentees, and nam.
Assist. in the royal chart. and come over in 1644, to claim the sh. of ld.
for money put into the com. stock. by his f. but he was req. to show his
authority from him.

    VENNER, THOMAS, Salem, a wine-cooper, adm. of the ch. 25 Feb. 1638,
and freem. next mo. had Thomas, bapt. 16 May 1641; rem. to Boston
there, had Ann, bapt. in Wilson's ch. 2 Feb. 1645, a. 18 days old, was of
ar. co. that yr. and in 1648 was one of sev. wh. ask. of the governm. to
make a corporat. of coopers, went home to London, bef. 1656, and was a
great fifth monarchy man. aft. the restorat. in 1660, attempt. to renew the
anarchy and bring in k. Jesus to drive out Charles Stuart, and with a
small number as wild as hims. rais. insurrect. in the streets of London
with very trifling effect, was execut. Jan. 1661, tho. assert. to be