Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p336

Volume 4, Page 336

made his will in Sept. 1696, ment. ch. Joseph, Thomas, Elizabeth Mary, and
Ann, all perhaps b. bef. he went thitber. JOSEPH, New London, s. of
the preced. m. 5 Dec. 1701, Mary Shapley, d. of Benjamin.

DANIEL, Lynn, 1647, as Lewis marks, but adds not a word more.
JOHN, Cambridge 1636, said to have come from New Castle on Tyne, was
fin. L20 at the court, Mar. 1637, but for some cause so slight that it
might have found lighter censure, as in June foll. three quarters of the
penalty were taken off, and, at the general show of similar favor in 1638,
L4 more were remit. Perhaps he is the sec. freem. of this name 13
May 1640, but in rec. giv. Trumball. By w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth 6 June
1638; John, 4 Aug. 1641; Hannah, 10 Dec. 1642; rem. to Charlestown,
there had Mary, 3, but ano. rec. says 9 Feb. 1645; besides that on
Cambridge rec. comes, also, James, 7 Dec. 1647. He was capt. of a
trading vessel, and may have been the man in the Col. Rec. of Conn. I.
162, willing to accept Matthew Griswold's oath to his demand in 1648,
and prob. the one meant by Davenport in Epist. to Gov. Winthrop
1655, as bring. him letters from Eng. See 3 Mass. Hist. Coll. X. 7.
He was a shopkeep. in Charlestown 1673, a householder in 1678, and d.
leav. wid. Elizabeth early in July 1687, in his 80th yr. the inv. being tak. on
6 of that mo. and ret. by his s. John 19 Aug. foll. The wid. d. 15 Aug.
1696 in 86th yr. His d. Hannah m. 2 Mar. 1659 John Baxter. JOHN,
Roxbury, when. in ch. rec. the spell. is Trumell, wh. caused a very
experienced reader of early writ. to make it Trumtell, freem. 13 May
1640, is no more heard of at R. and, I think, was very soon at Rowley,
there by w. Ellen had Hannah, b. 14 Feb. 1641; Judah, 3 June 1643;
Ruth, 23 Apr. 1645; Joseph, 19 May 1647; m. Ann, perhaps d. of the
first Richard Swan, had Abigail, 10 Dec. 1651, and d. 1657, bur. 18
July. His inv. was by w. Ann brot. 29 Sept. and he left John, Joseph,
Judah, and perhaps more. The s. John is made. the progenit. of the
great Conn. fam. and the common error found support in the Appx.
to the Centen. Addr. by Bradford. The older s. stuck by the paternal
mansion. JOHN, Rowley, s. prob. of the sec. freem. 1665, m. prob. a
d. of William Jackson, of R. and made deac. 24 Dec. 1686, was appoint.
ens. there by the Gen. Ct. 1685. JOHN, Charlestown, s. of the first
, m. 26 Sept. Mary, d. of Edward Jones, had Samuel, wh. was
bapt. 25 July 1697 a. 14 yrs. old. He serv. in Mosely's comp. Dec. 1675.
JOSEPH, Suffield 1677, s. prob. of the first. John of Rowley, freem. 1681,
as early as July 1675, liv. in Suffield, from wh. the Ind. hostil. soon
drove him, there had Joseph, b. 16 Jan. 1679; Ammi, 1 Aug. 1681;
Benoni, 10 Aug. 1684; beside some of the rem. to S. of wh. prob. Hannah,
wh. m. 26 Nov. 1686, John Strong, the third, was one
[1], as also John.
His s. Joseph m. Hannah, d. of John Higley of Simsbury; rem. to
Lebanon, and was f. of the first Gov. Jonathan, b. 1710, H. C. 1727, a