Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p329


Volume 4, Page 329

    TRERICE. See Trarice.

    TRESCOTT, JOHN, Dorchester, s. of William of the same, freem. 1683,
was a carpenter, d. 22 Jan. 1741; and his w. Rebecca d. 1 Aug. foll.
aged 88. The newspaper of that yr. ment. that the h. and w. liv.
together near sixty-six and a half yrs. No offspring is told of. Of the
tendency to exagger. age, his is an example, mak. him in 91st yr.
when he was nine mos. short of 90. SAMUEL, Dorchester, eldest ch. of
William, had Dyer; Samuel, b. 27 Apr. 1675; Jeremiah, 6 Oct. 1676;
Abiah, or Ebenezer, 31 Oct. 1678; Thankful, 22 Feb. 1680, prob. d.
soon; Elizabeth 19 Jan. bapt. 27 Aug. 1682; as were, at the same time, her
bros. Dyer, Samuel, Jeremiah, and Ebenezer; and Sarah, b. 5 Mar.
1684. On 7 Aug. 1687 he was dism. to the ch. at Milton, and d. 30
July 1730. THOMAS, Dorchester, mariner, d. early in 1654, leav. w.
Ann, wh. d. 10 May of that yr. WILLIAM, Dorchester, br. of the
Preced. freem. 10 May 1643, m. Elizabeth d. of George Dyer, had Samuel,
b. 4 Nov. 1646; Mary, 23 Apr. 1649; John, 21 Oct. 1651;
Patience, 7 May 1653; Abigail, 5 Nov. 1656; Martha, 8 Jan. 1661;
and Elizabeth 24 June, bapt. 2 July 1665. His w. d. 30 July 1699, aged
74; and he d. 11 Sept. foll. aged near 85. His will of 9 Aug. that
yr. names only two ds. Martha Adams, and Sarah Mosely or Maudesly,
but when she was b. or wh. was her h. is altogether unkn. three ch.
Mercy, Mary, and Martha Hewins, ds. of Jacob, wh. had taken for
his sec. w. 24 Oct. 1680, or 24 Feb. 1681, the d. Martha, Mary, m. 6
Oct. 1665, John Hemenway; Abigail, m. 21 Nov. 1682, Ammiel Weeks,
and their ch. Ammiel and George, are rememb. in the will of gr.f.

    TRESLER or TRUSLER, NICHOLAS, Salem, s. of Thomas, had w.
and two ch. as by the will of his mo. appears; but names are unkn.
THOMAS, Salem, was adm. of the ch. 15 Dec. 1639, freem. 27 Dec. 1642,
d. 5 Mar. 1654. His w. was Elinor, and he had a d. wh m. Henry
, for John P. gr. s. of Elinor T. is nam. in the Probate Ct. connect.
with Phelps est. He was clk. in 1650 of the market. From the will
of his wid. Elinor 15 Feb. 1655, abst. in Essex Inst. I. 48 we learn that
she had s. Henry, Nicholas, and Edward, two ds. and John Phelps
and Elizabeth, Samuel, and Edward, ch. of Nicholas; and that her late h. had
a d. in Eng.

    TRESWELL, HENRY, Salisbury, by w. Martha, had Sarah, b. 26 July

    TREVETT, TREVY or TRIVITT, HENRY, Marblehead 1646-74.
THOMAS, Marblehead 1674, may have been s. of the preced.

    TREVORE or TREVOUR, WILLIAM, Plymouth, came in the Mayflower
1620, not as a perman. sett. but a hired mariner, not for the ship, but for
the serv. of the comp. aft. her ret. to Eng. and for a single yr. He went