Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p32


Volume 4, Page 32

Mercy, 26 Dec. 1695; and James, 9 Nov. 1712; and d. 12 Dec. 1741.
His. w. was d. of the first Ambrose Fowler. JOHN, Windsor, eldest s.
of Richard, m. 30 July 1677, Mary Hill, d. of Luke, had Mary, b. 4
May foll. rem. to Simsbury, and had Richard and John. JOSEPH,
Stonington, m. Hannah, d. of capt. George Denison of the same, had
Jerusha, and Mercy; but of him I hear no more, exc. that he was a
capt. JOSEPH, Westfield, s. of George the first, m. 1690, Hannah, d. of
the first Abel Wright of the same, had Gershom; Hannah, b. 1692;
Joseph, 1694; Mindwell, 1696; Daniel, 1700, and Ezekiel, 1704; rem.
to Enfield, and had Charles, 1708; and d. 1742, says Dr. Pease in the
careful contribut. to Hinman, aged 76. PETER, Scituate 1640, aft. rem.
of Lothrop, was from Yorksh. bred at Trinity Coll. Cambridge, where
he proceed. A. M. 1603, adm. by Archbp. Hutton bef. 1606 to holy
orders, liv. but few mos. in our country, and was not ord. yet may well
be thot. one of the four min. that went home with dep.-gov. Humfrey,
Dec. 1641, whose pious exclama. in the storm is so well told by Mather.
Considera. offer was tender. him of good liv. in Kent; but, prefer. his
native shire, he gain. the valua. vicarage of Leeds, to wh. the triumph
of his party sent him in Apr. 1646, and there he d. 1 Oct. 1651. When
here, his d. Silence m. capt. Samuel Pool. See Brook's Lives of the
Puritans, III. 139. RICHARD, Windsor 1643, not early eno. to have
been at Dorchester, yet said to have come in the ship Blessing, but the
more important fact would have been a date, m. 16 Apr. 1646, Sarah
Cook, perhaps sis. of Nathaniel, had Sarah, b. 23 Mar. 1648; John, 4
Mar. 1650; Mary, 27 Feb. 1652; Richard, 1 Mar. 1655, wh. fell in the
gr. battle of Narraganset, 19 Dec. 1675; Patience, 28 June 1658, or
Jan. 1659; Francis, 11 or 17 Jan. 1662, d. at 4 yrs. He d. 3 May
1662, and his wid. d. 13 June 1674; but in Stiles's Hist. 770, the ds. of
h. and w. are exchang. in date. Sarah had bef. the latest date, perhaps
Oct. 1668, Robert Roath of Norwich; and Mary m. George
Saunders. THOMAS, Boston, miller, by w. Lucy had Mary, b. 2 Jan.
1645; and John, 29 June 1647. He m. 10 Mar. 1652; as sec. w. Ann,
of Herman Atwood. of William Copp, had Samuel, 8 Oct. 1653,
whose tells his d. 21 July 1693; Joseph, 9 May 1656; Nathaniel,
29 Nov. 1658, wh. d. at 19 yrs.; and Elizabeth 8 June 1661; and his w. d.
2 wks. aft. By a third w. Mary, he had Benjamin, 18 May 1664; and
Mary, 9 Jan. 1666; and he d. 31 July 1686.

    SAYER, SAYERS or SAYRE, DANIEL, JOB, and FRANCIS, at Southampton,
L. I. 1673, had, perhaps, rem. from Lynn, at least one Job
was there 1635, and the others may have been his brs. or s. ICHABOD,
New London, s. of Francis, m. 1697, Mary, d. of Hugh Hubbard, and
this was the first m. says Miss Caulkins, solemniz. by Gov. Saltonstall.