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Volume 4, Page 302

of Boston. THOMAS, Plymouth, one of the first comers, arr. 1623, by
the Ann, bring. prob. w. and ch. at least he had lds. for three rights
assign. that yr. but as none of this name had sh. in div. of cattle 1627, and
no d. is suppos. to have occur. in the Col. for some yrs. after 1621, my
infer. is that he went home. Perhaps he was br. of the first Nathaniel; but
most surely not, as Farmer thot. him, his s. THOMAS, Marshfield, prob.
s. of the elder Nathaniel, b. at Tenterden, Co. Kent, was old eno. in 1643
to bear arms, when he liv. at Scituate; at M. his w. Elizabeth whose f. is not
ascert. d. or was bur. 12 Dec. 1663; and his d. Susanna was bur. 9 Sept.
1684; and s. John d. 20 Apr. 1685; but one or both may have been ch.
of that Mary Holmes, maid or wid. is unkn. m. 24 Jan. 1665.

    TILESTONE or TILSTON, THOMAS, Dorchester, had gr. of ld. 1634,
freem. 9 Mar. 1637, had w. Elizabeth s. Thomas, b. a. 1633; Timothy, a.
1637; Elizabeth 1639; Ruth; Naomi, d. young; prob. Cornelius, wh. d. 20
July 1659; Bathsheba, b. 1649; Onesiphorus, 1651; and perhaps
others; was fined in Sept. 1640 for abs. from a jury; but we can tell no
more of him exc. his d. 24 June 1694, aged 83, says Blake. Ruth m.
11 Dec. 1657, Richard Denton; and next Timothy Foster; and Bathsheba
m. John Payson. THOMAS, Dorchester, s. of the preced. perhaps
(I dare not say prob.) b. in Eng. but the rec. allows us to kn. only that
he d. 11 Sept. 1718, aged a. 85 yrs. Whether he had w. and ch. is
uncert. Perhaps he was the author wh. compos. verses on the d. of John
Foster, 1681, as Thomas in his Hist. of Print. I. 277, tells. * TIMOTHY,
Dorchester, s. of the first Thomas, freem. 1666, m. 28 Apr. or 3 May
1659, Sarah, d. of James Bridgeman of Hartford, had Timothy, b. a.
1664; Elizabeth 29 Mar. bapt. 1 Apr. 1666; Cornelius, 4 Sept. bapt. 4 oct.
1668; Sarah, b. 7 Sept. 1671; Thomas, 19 Oct. 1675; James, 2 July
1678; Ann, 7 Dec. 1681. He was rep. 1689, 92, a cooper by trade, and
d. 10 Aug. 1697, leav. large est. of wh. the mills have contin. in the
fam. until this time; and the wid. d. 26 June 1712, aged 69.

    TILL or TYLLS, JAMES, Scituate 1643. PETER, Boston, fisherman,
in whose youthful days the Ct. 1639 order, that he shall be taught seamanship
by his master, John Cloise or Cloyes; m. 26 Feb. 1652, Elizabeth
Nick; and was liv. 1671, a carpenter.

    TILLEY, EDWARD, Plymouth 1620, came with w. in the Mayflower,
and two ch. "their cousins," Henry Sampson, and Humility Cooper.
He and his w. d. the first winter. Humility went home and d. HUGH,
Salem, perhaps in 1629, as in Haz. I. 280, when he was serv. to Sir
Richard Saltonstall
, certain. at Yarmouth 1638 and 43, being a witness
there to a will early in 1639, and enrol. to bear arms in the latter yr.
Clearly this man's name is by some read Hillier, and he d. 28 Jan.
1648; and his wid. m. 3 Nov. foll. Thomas Hucking. JOHN, Plymouth,