Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p279

Volume 4, Page 279

NICHOLAS, Watertown 1638, by w. Eliz had Joseph, b. 24 Oct. 1640;
and Elizabeth 5 June 1643; prob. in the autumn of 1645 rem. to Stamford,
there d. 19 Aug. 1658. His will dispos. his prop to w. and the two ch.
Elizabeth m. 27 Oct. 1659, Willaim Ratcliffe. The wid. m. Thomas Ufford,
and d. 27 Dec. 1660, soon aft, her sec. h.

    THING, JOHN, Boston, freem. 1680. JONATHAN, Ipswich 1641, may
have soon aft. been of Hampton, next at Wells, submit. 1653, to the
governm. of Mass. and was appoint. constable. JONATHAN, Exeter,
prob. s. of the preced. m. Mary, eldest d. of John Gilman, had Jonathan,
b. 21 Sept. 1678; John, 16 June 1680; Bartholomew, 25 Feb. 1682;
Joseph, Nov. 1684; Elizabeth; Benjamin, 12 Nov. 1688; and Josiah, 1690;
was of the gr. jury 1684, and constable next yr. and d. 31 Oct. 1694, in
his 40th yr. his w. hav. d. in Aug. 1691, under 33 yrs. as the inscript. on
the gr.stones prove. A jury of inq. on the body of capt. Jonathan, the
same day, gave verdict, "shot by his own gun." SAMUEL, wh. m. Abigail,
d. of John Gilman, 1690, pray. for contin. protect. of Mass. over
them, with the preced. was perhaps his br.

    THISTLE or THISSELL, JEFFREY, Marblehead 1668, petitnr. against
imposts, own. ld. at Beverly. He was from Abbotsbury, a. 8 ms. S. W.
from Dorchester, Co. Dorset, and near the coast, as from his will of 29
Oct. 1675, pro. June foll. abstr. in Essex Inst. Coll. II. 231, appears; and
he d. at sea, on voyage from Sal Tortudas to N. E. It names d. Jane,
then at Abbotsbury, s. Richard and his ch. Jeffrey and Mary. RICHARD,
Beverly 1664, s. of the preced. had William, b. 1684, and perhaps others,
certain, elder s. Jeffrey and d. Mary; and he was 42 yrs. old. when William
was b.

    THOM, JOHN, Exeter 1677, Nov. 30, sw. alleg. WILLIAM, Lynn
1638, rem. says Lewis to L. I. 1640.

    THOMAS, BENJAMIN, Springfield, s. of Rowland, m. 1688, Ann Belding
of Hatfield, had Sarah, b. 2 Sept. 1690; Mary, 26 Dec. 1692; a s. 20
Dec. 1694; Ann, 21 Nov. 1696; and Samuel,7 Jan. 1699; rem. soon
aft. and the name bec. ext. at S. DANIEL, New Haven, eldest s. of
John of the same, was propound. for freem. 1670, m. 3 Feb. 1670,
Rebecca Thompson, perhaps d. of John, of the same, had Dorothy;
John, b. 1674; Daniel, 14 Feb. 1677; Dinah, 26 Dec. 1678; Samuel,
13 Jan. 1681, d. young; Recompense, 27 Mar. 1683; and Israel,
1689. He d. Feb. 1694; and his wid. m. a Perkins. His d. Dorothy
m. 13 Apr. 1693, Henry Toll or Towle. DAVID, Marblehead 1648-68.
EDWARD, Boston, 1685, agent of Joseph Thompson, of London, merch.
EVAN, Boston, 1640, came from Wales, bring. w. Jane and four ch.
for wh. 1 Sept. the Court direct. assist. adm. of our ch. 4 Apr. 1641, and
freem. 2 June foll. had Jane, bapt. 16 May 1641, wh. being Sunday, may