Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p266


Volume 4, Page 266

ch. but the first would be look. for, and that is not seen, so that it may
be the ch. d. soon. He was, in 1648, agent for Richard Young, wh. had
in London, contrib. to our com. stock, and obt. for him his share of 100
acres of ld. selectman 1660 and 8, lieut. in 1678, on 15 Sept. of wh. yr.
he d. aged 71. Oft. it was writ. Tydd, and in mod. days is altogether

    TEAKE, HENRY, is the misprint in Geneal. Reg. VII. 226, for Feake,
Henry, of Lynn.

    TEFFE. See Tiffe.

    TELL, WILLIAM, Malden, freem. 1690, tho, in my opin. the name is
design. for Teal, wh. by w. Mary had Abigail, b. 1 Jan.1686; Benjamin,
2 Nov. 1689; Elizabeth 22 June 1696; Oliver, 19 July 1699; and Rachel,
1 Aug. 1703.

    TEMPLAR, TEMPLE or TEMPLER, ABRAHAM, Salem 1637, had Abraham.
ABRAHAM, Concord, s. perhaps of the preced. m. 1673, Deborah
, had Richard, Abigail, Mary, and Joseph; had perhaps rem. to
Charlestown, there had a d. b. 1686; but certain. was at Concord freem.
1690. ISAAC, Concord, s. of Richard, freem. 1690. JOHN, Boston,
freem. 1671, was liv. 1695. RICHARD, Yarmouth, there is in the list of
those able to bear arms, 1643, by w. Hannah, d. of Richard Pritchard,
had Hannah, b. 5 Jan. 1643; Samuel, 22 Jan. 1648; Esther, bur. 13
Sept. 1649; perhaps James; Deborah, d. 5 Aug. 1657; Deborah, again,
bapt. 4 Oct. 1657; beside Richard, 15 Oct. 1656, bapt. 5 July 1663;'
but rem. with f. and mo. of his w. to Charlestown, 1660. From ascert.
that his wid. m. 10 Apr. 1674, Nathaniel Morton, Secr. of Plymouth
Col. I was led to correct the erroneous inference, authorized by Charlestown
rec. that the was recent. d. in Mar. 1678, as his ho. is ment. but not
the person. She outliv. the dignitary, and d. 26 Dec. 1690, aged 66.
In the will of Pritchard, 22 Jan. 1669 are ment. Hannah, w. of R. T.
made extrix. and the three ch. By this docum. alone could the confusion
of Templar and Temple into wh. Farmer fell, he explained. Deborah
m. John Chamberlain of Charlestown, and aft. a Miller. RICHARD, Salem
1644, Charlestown, 1646, there by w. Joanna had Abigail, b. 15 July
1647; Richard, 1654; rem. to concord, had Isaac, 19 June 1657, was
freem. 1672. RICHARD, Concord, s. of the preced. freem. 1690, by w.
Sarah had Richard, b. 1692; and Joseph, 1694; and d. 16 Feb. 1698
or 9. RICHARD, Reading, s. of Robert, m. Deborah, d. of the sec.
Thomas Parker of the same, had Josiah, b. 16 Mar. 1695; Thomas, 1
Nov. 1696, d. young; Jonathan, 19 Feb. 1699; Phebe; John, 19 Oct.
1704; Elizabeth 17 Dec. 1706; Jabez, 2 July 1709; Ruth, 1712; Thomas,
again, 2 May, 1714; and Ebenezer, 7 May 1716; and d. 28 Nov. 1737,
in 70th yr. as gr.stone tells. ROBERT, Saco bef. 1670, perhaps, sev. yrs.