Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p238


Volume 4, Page 238

    SWATMAN, JOHN, Cambridge, is no doubt error in Genealog. Reg. IX.
168 (but truly tak. from the old book in Boston), for Thomas Sweetman;
and the date of b. of the first ch is one yr. too early.

    SWELUS, an unfortun. name in Geneal. Reg. II. 264, belongs, I am
confident, to Robert Twelves of Braintree. See, also, an equal mistake
in Quelves.

    SWEET, SWAITE or SWEETE, BENONI, Warwick, or Kingstown, s. of
the first James, had James, b. 1688; Margaret 1690; Benoni, 1692;
Mary, 1696; Elizabeth 1700; and Thomas, 1703; perhaps all, perhaps only
the last two, by w. Elizabeth DANIEL, a Warwick, s. of the first John of Warwick,
made his willl in 1728. HENRY, Swanzey, m. 29 Jan. 1687, Elizabeth
d. of Philip Walker, and was aft. of Attleborogh, had five ch. JAMES,
had been of Salem 1631, call. s. of Isaac, wh. prob. d. in Eng. and a wid.
S. perhaps his mo. had gr. of Id. there 1637, on the list of freem. 1655,
of Warwick, there m. Mary, d. of the first John Greene of the same, had
Philip, b. 15 July 1655; James, 8 May 1657; Mary, 2 Feb. 1660
Benoni, 28 Mar. 1663; Valentine, 14 Feb. 1665; Samuel, 1 Nov. 1667,
b. at Prudence isl.; Jeremiah, 6 Jan. 1669; Renewed, 16 July 1671;
and Sylvester, 1 Mar. 1674, at Potowomut. JOHN, Boston, 1640, shipwright,
or caulker, join. our ch. and was freem. 2 June 1641,
by w. Temperance, wh d. Jan. 1645 (strange. misprint. Temperance
Jewett in ment. of her ch. censure by Drake, Hist. of Boston, 252), had
Temperance, wh. d. 28 Nov. 1661; and by w. Susanna, wh. join. our ch.
23 May 1647, he had Susanna, b. 3, bapt. 11 Apr. 1647; John, 8, bapt.
21 Sept. 1651, d. young; Mary, 28 Jan. bapt. 5 Feb. 1653; Abigail, 4
May 1656, d. in few days; Mehitable, b. 8, bapt. 11 Oct. 1657, d. soon;
Mehitable, again, b. 8 Dec. 1659. JOHN, Charlestown, shoemaker, d. 18
May 1695, near 80, says the gr. stone. His w. d. 16 July 1666, aged
44, and he d. 25 Apr. 1685, aged 82, as the gr. stones in Copp's. hill
show. and Sewall's diary says, he was bur. 20 Apr. JOHN, Warwick,
br. of James prob. elder, perhaps brot. from Eng. by his mo. Mary, wid.
of Isaac Sweet, wh. there m. Ezekiel Holliman, hav. two s. this John,
and James, beside a d. Meribah, whose name by Holliman was alter.
to Renewed, bef. she m. John Geraerd; is on freem's. list 1665, had a
grist mill, and other works on the Potowomut, in the Naraganset country,
burnt by the Ind. in Philip's war, 1675, in his will of 1677, then
of Newport, names w. Elizabeth and ch. John, Daniel, James, Henry, Richard,
Benjamin, William, and Jeremiah, beside a d. JOHN, Wickford, had
w. Elizabeth and ch. John, Elizabeth James, and Sarah, as from his will, in 1716,
on rec. of Wickford, appears. Ano. JOHN, of Wickford, was f. of the preced.
but d. the yr. aft. him, had beside him, Deborah, James, and Mary,
as also sec. w. Rachel. JOSEPH, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Benjamin, b.
22 Jan. 1660. RICHARD, Westerly, s. prob. of John, m. 15 Dec.