Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p233


Volume 4, Page 233

parchment maker, as in deeds he styl. hims adm. of our ch. 9 Apr. 1643, as
was Dorothy, his w. 4 Apr. 1646; was sw. freem. 10 May foll. his adm.
(tho. on Col. rec. spelt Sanderbant) had John, b. says the rec. Dec. 1640,
bapt. 16 Apr. 1643, a. 2 and a half yrs. old; and Mary, the rec. says,
12 Mar. 1642, bapt. at same time, a. one yr. and six wks.; Hannah, 29
Sept. 1644, tho. rec. of her b. Oct. aft. is found; James b. 18, bapt. 21
Mar. 1647, d. soon; James, again, bapt. 6 Aug. 1648; Benjamin, 26
July 1652; and his w. d. 29 Jan. 1664. By w. Thomasine, d. of William
Lumpkin, wid. of Samuel Mayo, he had Mary, b. 15 July 1665;
and Samuel, 14 Apr. 1668. He was of ar. co. 1658, but had fallen into
pov. and in 1672 made convey. of his goods to John Vial in tr. for
Mary w. of his s. and d. of Vial, and her childr. His d. Mary the first
m. 29 Nov. 1656, Jonathan Rainsford. He rem. to Eastham, there d.
in his 85th yr. 26 Dec. 1703. His wid. d. at E. 16 June 1709 in 84th yr.
His will of 27 Sept. 1700, pro. 4 Apr. 1704, provides for wid. and her
ds. Mary Bangs; Sarah Freeman; and Mercy Sears; but I do not discov.
the hs. of either, tho. perhaps the last was w. of Silas. JOHN, Boston,
s. of the preced. m. 26 Jan. 1659, Mary, d. of John Vial, had John
b. 22 Jan. 1661; Dorothy, 7 Apr. 1664; and Nathaniel, 17 Nov. 1667.

    SUSSELL, RICHARD, rec. as freem. 1653, at Portsmouth R. I. as by
the print. Vol. I. 263, and repeat. 300, of R. I. Col. Rec. appears, is by
me conject. to be the same man, whose controv. relat. to a m. with Abigail
Davis, in 1656, may be seen in Ib. 349, 59,60, and 5. Yet Ussell may
seem as wilful a pervers. as the other.


    SUTLIFFE, ABRAHAM, Scituate 1640, by Sarah had Abraham and
perhaps others, was liv. 166l, and the s. Abraham had a ho. in 1670.
NATHANIEL, Medfield, m. 31 Jan. 1675, Hannah, eldest d. of John
Plimpton, but I kn. no more, exc. that he was liv. in 1678. THOMAS,
Branford, one of the found. in 1668 of civ. and eccles. order.

    SUTTON, BARTHOLOMEW, Boston, by w. Hannah had William, b. 3
Mar. 1667; Hannah, 12 Apr. 1669; and by sec. w. Eliphadel had Catharine,
15 Apr. 1670. DANIEL, Boston, by w. Martha had Daniel, b. 19
Feb. 1667. GEORGE, Situate 1638, m. 1641, Sarah, d. of Elder Nathaniel
Tilden of the same, had John, b. 1642; Lydia, 1646; Sarah,
1648, d. soon; Sarah, again, 1650; and Elizabeth 1653; but Deane tells not
of his d. JOHN, Hingham, came in the Diligent, 1638, with w. and four
ch. as the rec. of blessed Daniel Cushing assures us, from Attleburg in
Co. Norfolk, a town a. 15 ms. from Norwich, but less than half that dist.
from Hingham; encourag. the sett. of Rohoboth, where ld. was assign.
him in 1644, but forfeit. by non. rem. As he is call. sen. perhaps one of
his ch. may have been s. John; but of the stock I gather no more. JOHN,
Scituate, s. of George m. 1661, Elizabeth d. of Samuel House, had Elizabeth b.