Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p213


Volume 4, Page 213

by a former w. and m. a. 1658, Sarah, d. of Edward, and sis. of Nathaniel
Starbuck, and d. not long aft. for his wid. m. a. 1659 or 60,
Joseph Austin, wh. was appoint. admor. 27 June 1661, d. early in 1663,
and her third h. was Humphrey Varney. WILLIAM, Ipswich, s. prob.
of first William, freem. 1671, m. 25 Oct. of that yr. Susanna Fuller,
had Elizabeth b. 14 Oct. 1672. Six of this name had in 1845 been gr. at
Harv. But the disting. jurisconsult, late of the Supreme Ct. of the
U. S. Joseph Story, hardley more celebr. for his uprightness and learn.
as a judge, than for his amenity as a man of letters, I have not been able
to find progenit. bef. Elisha in the third generat. preced. wh. prob. came
from Eng. in the last yr. of King William III.

    STOTT, EDWARD, Wethersfield, by Hinman, 165, rank. among early
sett. aft. 1640; tho. in my opin. the name as mistak. by him for Scott,
as c and t are in old handwriting frequently read for ea. other.

    STOUGHTON, ISRAEL, Dorchester, a man of prop. and distinct.
came, I presume, in 1632, when is found the earliest ment. of him, was
adm. freem. 5 Nov. of the yr. foll. rep. at the first and sec. Gen. Court
1634 and 5, when he was ens. but at this latter was disabl. from hold.
any office in three yrs. for writ. a book, that gave offence, wh. against
the natural yearn. of authors, he desir. "might forthwith be burnt;"
was restor. in 1636 to his former capacity, was rep. again in Dec. 1636,
and Apr. foll. and when the antinomian excitem. against Wheelwright,
Cotton, and Mrs. Hutchinson was high, in May 1673, had command
of the Mass. force sent against the Pequots, ar. co. 1638, and
capt 1642; and bec. an Assist. in wh. place, by ann. elect. he contin.
until he went home, and in 1644 aft. he had gone. He had been
in Eng. 1642, bef. the civil war; but when no doubt could remain of
its speedy begin. and on his sec. going, was made lieut. col. of Rainsburrow's
reim. soon fell sick, and d. at Lincoln 1644. His will made
at London, 17 July 1644, of wh. abstr. may be read in Geneal. Reg. IV.
51, w. Elizabeth Extr. provides well for his w. s. Israel, the eldest; William,
to be brot. up to study, as he was, H. C. 1650; and John; beside the
possib. of ano. and he sev. ds. whose names are not ment. nor their number.
One, Hannah, b. in Eng. a. 1628, m. 9 Dec. 1653, James Minot,
and d. 27 Mar. 1670. John is never heard of aft. The wid. liv. long.
ISRAEL, Dorchester, eldest s. of the preced. was, perhaps, of ar. co.
1645, and is not more ment. He was d. bef. May 1665. ISRAEL, s. of
the sec. Thomas, was liv. in 1700, when his sis. Elizabeth Eliot, gave him
£200. Stiles, 807, gives him many ch. bef. 1732, but aft. 1713 I see
reason to fear, from comparison with his p. 539, that he was 21 yrs.
older than his w. JOHN, Windsor, br. of preced. .m. 11 Aug. 1682,
Elizabeth d. of Thomas Bissell of the same, had John, b. 16 Oct. 1683, and