Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p195

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Volume 4, Page 195

claims for the w. of John, that she was the first Eng. woman that
ever stept ashore at Conn. wh. is as reasonab. as the similar stories
for Mary Chilton at Plymouth, and Ann Pollard at Boston. But the
Story of Stiles is far less prob. JOHN, Windsor, s. of the preced.
b. in Eng. m. 28 Oct. 1658, Dorcas, d. perhaps youngest, of Henry
of Springfield, had Sarah b. 12 Sept. 1661; Hannah, 12 Mar.
1664; John, 10 Dec. 1665; beside Ephraim and Thomas, not rec.
was freem. 1668, and d. 8 Dec. 1683. Hannah m. 21 Jan. 1687, Samuel
of Springfield; and Sarah m. 1 or 5 May 1681, Ephraim Bancroft,
and next, Thomas Phillips. JOHN, Windsor, eldest s. of the preced.
m. Ruth Bancroft, had Ruth, b. 5 Feb. 1691; John, 17 Dec. 1692;
Margaret, 23 Feb. 1695; Isaac, 30 July 1697; Ebenezer, 7 Apr.
1701; Noah, 31 Jan. 1703; Abel, d. soon; Hannah, and ano. tw. both d.
soon, as had a pair tw. some yrs. bef.; Abel, again, 5 or 10 Mar. 1709;
Hannah, again, 9 Oct. 1711; and Benoni, 1714, d. soon. He was gr.f.
of Rev. Ezra, disting, equal. for his extensive crudit. and amiable credulity,
wh. was b. 29 Dec. 1727, eldest ch. of Isaac, and only one by w.
Kezia, d. of Rev. Edward Taylor of Westfield, wh. d. five days aft.
The chronology of too many of the fourteen ch. belong. to John, is so
strangely confus. in Cothren, 697, that it defies restorat. JOHN, Boxford,
freem. 1690, may have been s. of Robert of the same; but certain.
Dorchester 1692, perhaps was s. of Robert of the same; but certain.
is beyond reach, and all that can be kn. is, that his w. was Mary, that he
had John, Joseph, Elizabeth Mary, Nathaniel, and Nehemiah, of wh. Joseph,
Mary, and Nathaniel d. of smallpox in the fatal season of Jan. 1721-2.
ROBERT, Boxford, m. 4 Oct. 1660, Elizabeth d. of John Frye of Andover;
was of Rowley 1661, but perhaps rem. to Dorchester, where I find one
of this name 1663, yet in my opin. this Dorchester man was older than
him of B. possib. but not prob. was s. of John the first; and inscript. on
gr. stone is of his d. 2 Nov. 1710, and age, a. 91, that may seem something
too high. SAMUEL, Stratford, br. of Benjamin, in the freem's list
of 1669, m. 31 Dec. 1664, says Cothren, Elizabeth Sherwood, but d. childless,
prob. bef. 1682, as in 1673 he had agreed with others to begin the
sett. of Woodbury, and was not in the list of 1682. THOMAS, youngest
br. of Francis, Henry, and John, came in the same ship with them, aged
20, says the custom ho. rec. but that of his bapt. 7 Feb. 1613, in the
native parish, would give him two yrs. more. yet it would be of higher
interest, to kn. where he liv. on our side of the water, and what could
be told of him, beyond the single fact, that, at the assault on the Pequods
in their last shelter of the swamp, 1637, he was shot, but not hurt, by an
arrow strik. in his neckerchief. See Mason's hist. of that war. He
may have been of Windsor, but it is at least equal. prob. that he was of
Dorchester, neither town hav. proof or presumpt. in its favor. Had he