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Volume 4, Page 162

Sherman, he had Thomas, in 1687; Desire, 1689; and Ichabod. JAMES,
Salem 1638, freem. 13 May 1640, when the name is writ. Standige, prob.
had w. Sarah, and was one of the pentnrs. 1640 for grant at Jeffery's creek,
now Manchester, but of Lynn 1642, and d. Nov. 1679. * JOSIAH, Duxbury,
br. of Alexander, m. 19 Dec. 1654, Mary Dingley, d. perhaps of John,
wh. was bur. 1 July 1665, as was her br. John eight days aft.; had sev.
ch. by her and also by sec. w. Sarah, d. of Samuel Allen of Braintree,
Miles, Josiah, Samuel, Israel, Mary, Lois, Mehitable, Martha, and
Mercy, tho. we can never assign the respect. ch. to ea. w. was lieut. rep.
1665 and sixteen yrs. more. He rem. a. 1686 to Preston, where he d.
1690. His wid. Sarah and s. Miles had admin. of his est. His d.
Mercy m. 30 Sept. 1726, Ralph Wheelock, as his sec. w. and was not
mo. of Rev. Eleazer, the first Presid. of Dartmouth Coll. ( as oft. said
in books) insasmuch as he was b. more than fifteen yrs. bef. that m. and
his mo. was Ruth, d. of the sec. Christopher Huntington. Equal.
unsound is the derivat. of that more disting. Presid. Kirkland of
Harv. Univ. from the same Mercy (as told in many places), gr. mo. was Sarah, d. of Ruth, first w. of the said Ralph, not of the sec.
w. Mercy Standish. See full illustrat. by Weaver, in Geneal, Reg. XIV.
376. MILES, or MYLES, Duxbury, the celebr. capt. of the pilgr. of the
, was b. in Lancashire, being a cadet, it was said, of the old
house of Standish, long estab. with good landed posses. at Dusbury, a
town of the parish of Standish in the Co. close to Wigan, 9 ms. from
Bolton, and a. 20 ms. N. E. of Liverpool. He had been at Leyden
some yrs. bef. the emb. 1620, but we are ign. whether he had ch. at that
time, tho. certain that he brot. nobody, beside w. Rose, wh. d. 29 Jan.
one mo.aft. the land. His next w. Barbara, came in the Ann 1623, and
was prob. the mo. of some that were d. and of all his ch. as nam. in his
will of 7 Mar. 1656, Alexander, Miles, Josiah, and Charles, beside d.
Lora. Of these last two, we kn. nothing, and if indulg. in conject. we
might assume only, that both were old eno. to have been notic. in the
ensuing days. He was constant. engag. in public serv. and for 19 yrs.
was an assit. and had a mission ot London in 1625, where he could
effect little on acco. of the raging of the plague, and early in the spring
foll. he came back. Of his character, wh. partook, in no small degree,
of the ancient heroic, Belknap in Americ. Biog. furnishes excellent
illustr. and just anaysis. He d. 3 Oct. 1656. A copy of his will and inv.
may be seen in Geneal. Reg. V. 335-8. MILES, Boston, s. of the
m. 19 July 1660, Sarah, d. of John Winslow, had no ch. and d.
on a voyage to London, the sh. never heard of. His wid. m. 1665,
Tobias Paine, and last Richard Middlecot, wh. she surv. THOMAS,
Wethersfield, a soldier in the Pequot war 1637, had gr. of ld. on that