Person:John Winslow (1)

John Winslow
d.Bet 12 Mar 1673/74 and 21 May 1674 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
m. 3 Nov 1594
  1. Governor Edward Winslow1595 - 1655
  2. John Winslow1597 - Bet 1673/74 & 1674
  3. Eleanore Winslow1598 - 1672
  4. Kenelm Winslow1599 - 1672
  5. Gilbert Winslow1600 - 1631
  6. Elizabeth Winslow1603 - 1605
  7. Magdalene Winslow1604 - 1693
  8. Josiah Winslow1606 - 1674
  9. Mary Magdalene Winslow1610 - 1687
  • HJohn Winslow1597 - Bet 1673/74 & 1674
  • WMary Chilton1607 - Bet 1676 & 1679
m. Abt 1626
  1. John WinslowAbt 1628 - Bef 1683
  2. Susannah WinslowAbt 1630 - 1683
  3. Mary WinslowEst 1632 - Abt 1663
  4. Edward WinslowAbt 1634 - 1682
  5. Sarah WinslowAbt 1636 - 1726
  6. Joseph WinslowAbt 1638 - Bef 1679
  7. Samuel WinslowAbt 1641 - 1680
  8. Isaac Winslow1644 - Bef 1670
  9. Benjamin Winslow1653 - 1673
Facts and Events
Name John Winslow
Gender Male
Christening[4] 18 Apr 1597 Droitwich, Worcestershire, England
Alt Marriage 12 Oct 1624 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Chilton
Marriage Abt 1626 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United Statesto Mary Chilton
Will[4] 12 Mar 1673/74 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
Death[4] Bet 12 Mar 1673/74 and 21 May 1674 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United StatesBetween date of will and date will was proved
Probate[4] 21 May 1674 Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States

John Winslow, son of Edward and Magdalen, and brother of Governor Edward Winslow, was born at Droitwich, England, on Saturday, 16/26 April, 1597, and baptized the following Monday. He died at Boston in New England, in the ten weeks between 12/22 March, 1673/4 and 21/31 May, 1674, the dates of making and probating his will, which is preserved in the files of the Suffolk County Registry of Probate, at Boston.

John arrived at Plymouth in 1621 on the Fortune. He was a Purchaser and he was on the 1633 freeman list. On 25 July 1633 the court noted that John Beavan had covenanted to serve John Winslow as an apprentice for six years (PCR 1:15-16).

On 23 July 1634 Mr. Timothy Hatherly turned over his servant Ephraim Tinkham to John for the rest of his term (PCR 1:31). On 3 March 1634/35 was on a committee to assess colonists for the costs of the watch and other charges (PCR 1:33). On 5 January 1635/36 he was on a committee to set the prices of goods and labor (PCR 1:36). In 1636 he turned over the services of Edmond Weston for two years to Nathaniel Thomas (PCR 1:45). In 1637 he was on a committee to assess taxes for the cost of sending men to the Pequot War (PCR 1:61). In 1638 he and his brother Kenelm were witnesses against Stephen Hopkins for selling wine at excessive rates (PCR 1:87). He served on various other committees and juries and as a deputy for Plymouth. On 28 July 1640 he sold for £12 the services of Joseph Grosse for five years to John Howland (PCR 1:158). On 17 October 1642 he was one of several men appointed to grant lands for the town of Plymouth (PCR 2:48). In 1653 he was appointed to the Council of War (PCR 3:26). Around 1655 he moved to Boston, where he became a wealthy merchant and shipowner, though he still retained lands at Plymouth, and in 1662 he was on a list of "first born" men of Plymouth to share in a land distribution (PCR 4:19). [p.375]

John married Mayflower passenger Mary Chilton, q.v., and their descendants are given in MF-2. He dated his will 12 March 1673/74, proved 21 May 1674, and he mentioned his wife Mary; his sons John, who receives his dwelling house and all the lands belonging to same, Isaac (a sum of money), Benjamin, (a sum of money) Edward, and Joseph; William Payne, the son of his daughter Sarah Middlecott; Parnell Winslow, daughter of his son Isaac; the daughters of his daughter Latham; granddaughter Susanna Latham; son Edward's children; the children of Edward Gray by his daughter Mary; son Joseph's two children; granddaughter Mercy Harris's two children; kinsman Josiah, the Governor of Plymouth; brother Josiah; kinswoman Eleanor Baker, the daughter of his brother Kenelm; Mr. Paddy's widow; and his Negro girl Jane (MD 3:129).

He left personal property valued at about £3,000, a good part of it in money, and this was a substantial sum for the time.

His widow Mary survived him, but died before May 1679, and she dated her will 31 July 1676. In it she named her sons John, Edward, Joseph, and Samuel (Samuel had not been mentioned in his father's will); daughters Susanna Latham and Sarah Middlecott; grandson William Paine; granddaughter Susanna Latham; granddaughter Ann Gray; son Edward's daughter Mary Winslow; son Edward's children; grandchildren Parnell Winslow and Chilton Latham; granddaughter Mercy Harris; son Joseph's daughter Mary; and granddaughter Mary Pollard (MD 1:65). Parents: Edward WINSLOW and Magdalen OLLYVER.

Division of Land 1623 - The fales of their ground which came in the Fortune according as their lots were case 1623. This ship came Novr1621 / these lye to the sea, eastward - John Winslow

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    ORIGIN: Droitwich, Worcestershire
    MIGRATION: 1621 on Fortune
    REMOVES: Boston 1655
    OCCUPATION: Merchant.

    BIRTH: Baptized Droitwich, Worcestershire, 18 April 1597, son of Edward and Magdalen (Oliver) Winslow [NEHGR 4:297, 21:120].
    DEATH: Between 12 March 1673/4 (date of will) and 21 May 1674 (probate of will).

The Fortune (1621)
The Fortune, the second ship to arrive at Plymouth, was sent by the Merchant Adventurers, the same group that financed the Mayflower. It arrived unexpectedly and without significant supplies, thus further stressing the colony. Upon return to England, the Fortune was carrying £500 of cargo to pay off the Pilgrims' debt, but it was captured by the French en route.
Sailed: 9 Aug 1621 from London, England under Master Thomas Barton
Arrived: 9 Nov 1621 at Plymouth, Massachusetts, shortly after the first Thanksgiving
Next Vessel: The Anne and the Little James (1623)

35; 17 families left descendants (Full List)
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