Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v4p144


Volume 4, Page 144

of our Gov. Bradford, liv. on the E. side; and of a line, however
humble, long estab. there, so would not prob. draw his blood from
them. A very long l. of most val. public serv. in Mass. Conn. and
N. Y. proves, that honors from the Ct. of Queen Elizabeth were not
need. Much benefit to thousands of inquirers on our side of the ocean
may be deriv. from wise use of a few words in the note of Mr. Hunter,
on pp. 6 and 7 of "The founders of New Plymouth," Ed. 1854:
"mere possess. of a surname wh. coincides with that of an Eng. fam. is
no proof of connex. with that fam. Claims of alliance found. on this
basis are not the legitimate offspring of laborious genealog. inquiry, but
of self-love and the desire to fvund a reputa. for ancestorial honor
where no such honor is really due." Well is the topic explain. in
further remarks, found. on experience of more than one gross case of
indecent pretension.

    SOWDEN, THOMAS, Marblehead, 1674.

    SOWELL, THOMAS, Boston, by w. Elizabeth had Hannah, b. 2 Nov. 1652,
d. young; and Thomas, 13 July 1653; in wh. the rec. is, of course, less
worthy of belief, than in ment. of his d. 7 Dec. 1654.

    SPARHAWK or SPARROWHAWK, JOHN, Cambridge, d. 21 Sept.
1644. JOHN, Bristol, s. of the sec. Nathaniel, ord. 12 June 1695, m. Elizabeth
, and had two more ws[1]. yet d. under 45 yrs. 29 Apr. 1718, leav. two s.
John, b. 1713, H. C. 1731, min. of Salem; and Hon. Nathaniel, 4 Mar. 1715,
wh. m. 10 June 1742, Elizabeth eldest d. of the first Sir William Pepperrell, and
the only ch. wh. surv. him, and by her was f. of the late Sir William, permit.
by the k. to assume the name of gr.f. Pepperrell, H. C. 1766.
NATHANIEL, Cambridge 1638, wh. may have been br. of first John, or
his f. brot. perhaps from Braintree, or Dedham, Co. Essex, most of his
ch. prob. with w. Mary, and here had Samuel, b. 27 Oct. 1638, d. in Oct.
foll. He was freem. 23 May 1639, and at the same Court licens. to sell
wine, deac. and rep. 1642-7. His w. d. 25 Jan. 1644, and by a sec. w.
Catharine wh. outliv. him only 7 days, he had Nathaniel; Ann; Mary;
Esther; and Elizabeth, whose gr.-stone says she d. 9 Nov. 1692, aged a. 47
yrs.; but certain. Ruth, wh. d. 9 May 1645, was by the first w. He d.
28 June 1647, and beside his w. there d. a serv. of his, Mary Peirce, a
week aft. so that we may well suppose some epidem. His other ch.
were Ann wh. m. deac. John Cooper; Nathaniel; both certain. b. in
Eng. as may have been Esther; and Mary, wh. m. 8 Oct. 1673, William
, as his 3d w. NATHANIEL, Cambridge, s. of the preced. b.
in Eng. m. 3 Oct. 1649, Patience, d. of Rev. Samuel Newman, had
Nathaniel, wh. d. 12 Feb. 1651; Mary; Sybell; both bapt. at C.;
Esther, bapt. 5 May 1661; Samuel, 5 Feb. 1665; Nathaniel; and
John, H. C. 1689; was deac. and oft. selectman. His w. d. 3 Feb.
1690. Sybell m. Rev. Michael Wigglesworth. NATHANIEL, Cambridge,
s. of the preced. m. Abigail Gates, eldest ch. of Simon, had